A very odd story about a collection of Birkins

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  1. Please tell me what you all think about this - i received an email from a person called Dreamymilky saying she saw that i had been on eBay looking for Birkins and she had a collection of authentic Hermes Birkins that she needed to sell because her young son was ill and she needed the money to get her son the right medical care. Has anyone heard of this person or this story? Is this some sort of hoax?
  2. i think everyone else will tell you this...its a hoax and dont fall for anyones sappy story~
  3. Hit the delete button quickly.
  4. Delete...delete...delete...!
  5. delete immediately!
  6. It's too weird!!
  7. Is her screename supposed to be an innuendo?
  8. Don't fall for it! Her story is too fishy and I think it's most likely a scam!
  9. It is a scam, please don't fall for it.
  10. Scam!
  11. I hope the delete button has been hit
  12. Grrrr!! Vultures!
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