a very ODD incident and tell me how would you have reacted

  1. last saturday, my friends and i were shopping and there's this one lady (decently dressed wearing VC&A alhambra necklace and hublot watch) who came up to me and admired my ring. after the pleasantries of "where did you get it?", "who's it by?" she further inquired, "i notice that you ladies are carrying birkins, if you are interested, i also make them. i have all the leathers incl. exotics and i even have the stamp!" :wtf: :confused1: WTF. she was clearly soliciting our business for fake H bags. she didnt say "inspired" or "copies". the mere fact that she stated that she has a stamp, it was clear that she was manufacturing fake H bags. :tdown:

    she totally threw me off guard and i replied "i'm sorry but we only go and buy from the H store. no thank you!". then she continued to say "i didnt mean that your bags.....(she did not finish the sentence)". my friends and i were through with her and we ignored her.

    soon after she was gone i realized i should have gotten her info (or her business card if she has one) and forwarded it to authorities!

    how would you have reacted and what would you have done?
  2. i woud have been equally as thrown --but yes wow----------if you had only gotten her number or card to report her!
  3. I'm speechless reading this. That's probably how I would have reacted.
  4. Hi there PazT! Yayks that is weird! I'll probably just ignore her just like what you did!
  5. That is quite upsetting.......I'm sure she'll get busted someday!
  6. unbelievable!!! i should have just gone up to her and ask for her info though. but yea....how strange i must say....makes you wonder if her VCA and hublot were fake!
  7. I would be so shocked that I wouldn't know what to do.:wtf:
  8. Pazt I'm sure I would have reacted exactly as you did and then wished I thought to get her details.

    What a nerve!!! :mad:
  9. Wow. It would have been great had you gotten her info but your right in the moment I'm sure you were just stunned. Just remember Karma, it will come back to her.
  10. WOW! Now that is brazen. I would probably have been in utter shock as well, and not known what to do. I'm stunned now, just reading it. :wtf:
  11. Pazt- its a good thing that the situation ended up the way it did. For your safety. :heart:
  12. pazt, I don't think my reaction would be dissimilar to yours. It's easy to contemplate in front of our PCs what we could have done, but when approached in a situation face on, I think I too would just have brushed her away.

    There are some wealthy women in SG (and I mean, really really wealthy millionaires) who own real Birkins and shop at my H store. But they also dabble in fakes, for their friends. How is that, it baffles me. I think they are just bored housewives.
  13. I too would have been so stunned as to not think to take her card. Honestly my first impulse at a situation like this is to put a LOT of distance between her and myself, so losing the chance to get her card. YIKES!
  14. that is just bad!!!
    but i agree. it's prob a good thing you didn't get info from her. for your safety.
  15. what a slimeball...and a lot of nerve. i'd report her in a new york minute. baaah.