A Very Minkoff Christmas

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  1. So ever since my gf got into RM (early fall) she's been drooling over wine mattie. She would always ask me my opinion on different colorways that were on ebay or bloomingdales but my answer was always, "it's nice but it's not wine." She bought other RM bags which she loved but she kept thinking about the wine mattie.

    Then one day my gf e-mails me and tells me that the wine mattie is available for preorder on rm.com to which I respond "xmas present?" She said yes and got really excited.I then proceeded to buy it.

    Awesome right? Well not really because normally I like to surprise her on xmas but with her already knowing her present it was kind of hard to do that until I thought of the perfect plan.

    Ever since I ordered her bag, my gf constantly check my email for updates. So I emailed codi from a different email and asked her to do a favor for me. I asked her to send me a false email letting me know that the bag would be sent out after xmas. Codi said that she would be glad to help.

    A couple days later my gf came complaining to me that all the other minkette on tpf received a shipping email but we received an email sayong there was a problem w our order and it would be sent out after xmas.

    X-mas day. I give her present her a box and remind her that I'm sorry about her bag. She freaks out!

    Just wanted to post here and say thanks to codi for helping me make my gfs xmas memorable.
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    Ok, my husband needs to join this forum!

    Your gf is so lucky to have such a sweet bf as you!
  3. How sweet!
  4. The fact that you are so thoughtful and caring toward your girlfriend is really, really nice. It's cool that Codi was willing to help you out too!
  5. Hey Joey!

    I'm glad after all our planning everything worked out so well! :smile: I'm so happy your girlfriend loves that bag! I'm glad I was able to help you out! :smile:
  6. amazing! definitely have to get DH on here!
  7. You are a dear sweet man.
  8. Joey you are too sweet!! When the really BIG present coming?
  9. Wow you're definitely an awesome boyfriend! :tup:
  10. aww, how sweet, joey!
  11. Aww, you are such a sweet BF!!:heart: That was also really cool of Codi to help you out!!:tup:
  12. What a sweet and sneaky BF you are Joey! Great plan, I'm so glad it went smoothly without a problem! You're GF must have been over the moon!
  13. now... all i want to know is who the lucky GF is :graucho:
  14. she must have been pleasantly surprised on christmas day!! Very sweet of you to be able to give her the surprise you wanted, and sneaky work from Codi haha
  15. That is so sweet!!!