A very large water fowl......that doesn't swim

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  1. #1 Jun 30, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
    I'm not going to draw you out.....this bag is the the culmination of 10 years of collecting....making mistakes, educating myself, waiting patiently and learning what I truly love about H.... about two years ago I wandered into a new Boutique while I was traveling and introduced myself to the first sales associate I saw and was treated with absolute kindness and had so much fun more than I ever thought possible in what I then thought was a rather conservative store. A wonderful friendship was formed and I've continued my relationship and loyalty to that store and sometimes I have to get on an airplane to bring home my items, but I always love seeing my associate , she is an absolute treasure. uploadfromtaptalk1467332115216.jpg
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  2. About eight months ago I was offered my first special order which I naturally accepted with Grace and excitement and while I was home doing a secret happy dance looking like a maniac. You see I am a big bag girl and I have had to rely on the pre-loved market to acquire my lovelies.
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  3. #3 Jun 30, 2016
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    I knew that she would arrive some day and so I began collecting accessories well in advance of her anticipated birthday .lol arrival uploadfromtaptalk1467332304858.jpg
  4. And for the love of me I have no idea why my photos are rotating themselves I do apologize. uploadfromtaptalk1467332343752.jpg
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    Introducing My first HSS in Colvert clemence, 40b with brushed ghw.... and her previously acquired matching lisse CDC uploadfromtaptalk1467332481016.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1467332490474.jpg
    Bottom pic is natural indirect sunlight ..like thalassa blue or blue de galice...colvert is a chameleon blue.
  6. And the piece de resistance... uploadfromtaptalk1467332553577.jpg
  7. She is lovely! Lucky you!
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  8. Oohhhh I love it and I love the surprise color peeking out!!!! . Bleu paon?
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  9. Perfect accessories, and I love your story! I'm glad you met a wonderful SA who no only is making your H dreams come true, but has become a good friend
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  10. that is a beautiful birkin!! congrats! i truly enjoyed reading your H journey. i have learned a lot on the route too, i have minimised my collection recently.
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  11. This is spectacular! You picked such a pretty combo for your B! Congratulations!! I love the bag charm and twillies, too!!! I especially love how you collected the accessories to dress her for the day of her arrival! That is such a good idea to help the days of waiting go faster. Enjoy your special bag! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!
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  12. It is... thank you dear... I actually purchase a blue paon pencil case about 5 years ago and fell in love with all things blue green....it's MY happy color...my eyes are blue, my dh are hazel....and so are my son's blue green....lol...so when blue paon was brought out off the archives..we built this bag from the inside out. I adore my sales associate she's actually the store assistant selling manager and I really relied on her judgment to help me choose the final form and I'm so happy I did it was truly a collaboration. I would have chosen Palladium Hardware and she urged me to try brushed gold and it's just the perfect jewelry for this beautiful duck!
  13. My thoughts EXACTLY.. ..it made the time fly. Lol
  14. Indeed..I'm blessed. Thank you sbelle
  15. It's often said..The joy isn't in the arrival at our destination....it's the journey we come to treasure.
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