A Very Happy LV Birthday!!


Jul 12, 2007
Eh Ohh Canada!
It was my birthday on August 19th and I turned 19!! YAY:yahoo:!! My Champagne Birthday! and now Im legal in Canada. Since we live in a very very small town in Ontario (not even close to TO, lol) I was unable to do some LV shopping. My mom knows I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE my mono Speedy 30, so she made me a LV cake for my birthday! Here's some pics, thanks for reading!:heart:

Me and my brother out for dinner

Me and my niece Alyssa with my LV cake!

and some more pics of my pretty cake!

Oh ya theres a mark in the handle because my niece wanted to eat aunties Louis LOL:heart:

Aug 13, 2007
North Jersey
That is the sweetest thing (no pun intended). Just to think they took the time to prepare the cake for you shows how much thought they put into it...Priceless & Happy belated birthday...:balloon: