A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. *PICS from Hong Kong*

  1. Initially this thread is related to this which was started to share with everyone on what my lil brother gave me (weeks b4 my birthday!), then I decided to share what my other brother (Page 6) gave me for my birthday (a week earlier infact!), and then...look what I got for myself (and my mom got me too) for my birthday while on a shopping trip to Hong Kong a few days ago!! (belated birthday)

    Being a year older ain't that bad huh, esp. when I didn't really get 'real' pressies on the actual day of my birthday since everyone in the family was away :nogood:

    Here's a teaser for everyone :yahoo:
    cover for pf.jpg
  2. awwwwww show us!!!
  3. Omg Show Us Show Us !!!!!
  4. waiting for the pics :yes:
  5. whatever you got on your birthday, you did GOOD! :graucho:


    I want to see pics! :nuts:
  6. Wow.
  7. where are you? show us!! :hysteric:

    happy birthday! :party:
  8. Congrat's.
  9. :popcorn:
  10. Cant wait to see!
  11. pics pics pics!!
  12. First pix :yahoo:Sorry it took awhile. (Or am I really sorry) *hehe*
    P1030759.JPG P1030760.JPG
  13. 2nd item:

    Damier Azur Saleya PM and modeling shots with the LVOE bandeau (sorry modeling in my pjs) :yes:
    P1030719.JPG P1030767.JPG
  14. 3rd item:
    Monogram Scarf in Chocolate.

    Guys this have to be the last pix for tonight as its already 11pm. Need to get a proper shut-eye for tomorrow. :wtf: Stay tune for more
    P1030768.JPG P1030770.JPG P1030771.JPG

  15. Thanks for the bday greeting. Happy advance birthday to you. Hope you will get something LV :nuts:

    And everyone...thanks for the patience :okay: