A Very GUCCI Birthday...

accio sacculus

Jan 4, 2008
Well, I'm actually supposed to be on a ban :wtf:, but DH being DH:love:, he can't resist surprising me for my Birthday - so here's what DH and the kids got me for my Birthday/Mother's Day gift this year (my b-day and Mother's Day are only 4 days apart this year)...:yahoo:

Gucci "D Gold" Large Tote with White Leather Trim:

What do you think? Do you think it's too big? It measures 17"L X 12"H X 6"D... I think it's beautiful, but I'm wondering if it's too big for me...I'm only 5'1" tall...:P I normally love big bags, but this one is almost as big as my daughter's diaper bag!