*~*A very fast REVEAL*~*

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  1. Hey all!!!
    I've been wanting this bag for a long time and now its mine... YAY
    The leather is very nice and thick and smells so good!!!!
    Here she is Miss. Alexa in a metallic blue!
  2. It's awesome Crystal! An oldie but a goody!!
  3. i love the color ...........
  4. Beautiful!
  5. It really suits you crystal!
  6. Beautiful!! I love that line!
  7. Gorgeous color!
  8. Love the color, Congrats.
  9. Very Beautiful!
  10. nice. love the details. i wish coach would have kept this line around longer
  11. Didn't you just post that you were on a ban in the sales thread! :lecture:

    The leather looks so soft and pretty in that color it's a good buy
  12. Yep, and this is WHY!!!!!
  13. Do we get mod pics?
  14. And I'M TRYING to save for PCE!:thinking:
  15. Who are you trying to lie to? BAN we do not know what that words is. LOL