a VERY EXPENSIVE Louis Vuitton

  1. Lol
  2. silly
  3. Oh, that's funny. :lol:
  4. hahaha- !!!!
  5. Maybe they're hoping that someone will hit it by mistake and be obligated under eBay rules to pay :roflmfao:
  6. Oh my God....too much!!
  7. It must be a typo!!!
  8. Omg Lol.
  9. am not surprised with a lot of things anymore lol...have one with the same vachetta botom condition for half of that 999,999.00..Any takers? (whahaha)
  10. hhhmm...loosk like eBay is not doing its job...:cursing:
  11. That particular seller is a consignment franchise. They probably misplaced the period in the starting price and ending price. They almost always start their auctions at $9.99!! That's a big "ooops" for them!
  12. I've seen this happen before
  13. maybe it's because it's such a big bag? ;) the dimensions listed 12"x16"x13" :p
  14. haha!