A Very Dumb Question

  1. i know this is a stupid question, but is the monogram vernis line permanent? i want to know especially the roxbury drive in pomme d'amour.
  2. It depends on which colour you want. I heard it lasts for 6 months then it becomes discontinued.
  3. there will always be vernis. the colors are the ones that are seasonal.
  4. i guess the vernis line is "permanent", but the colors aren't. New colors are released about every 6 months or so, and then older colors are discontinued. Pomme was released early last year..don't know how much longer it's going to be around. so if i were you i'd try to snap up the rox in pomme soon, cuz you never know when pomme is gonna be discontinued...
  5. when did the pomme d'amour and the amarante come out? i want to get it in the middle of feb. i wonder if it will still be there...
  6. i believe the pomme came out in jan of '07, and amarante came out in june of '07 (someone correct me if i'm wrong...)
  7. oh no... i wish i could get it as soon as possible.. i wonder if they are still going to be available in feb..
  8. ^^^ I think they should still be available then... the Roxbury is one of my fave styles from the Vernis line.
  9. Have they kept the pomme longer than other colors? I thought they all lasted about a year, but I'm still new to LV.
  10. certain colors go for longer runs than others. amarante in june/july sounds about right. my SA showed me a rox when i went to pick up my cabby.
  11. Vernis is one of my fav lines, I think the Pomme is the best color yet. Pomme looks amazing in the Rox. If you like it, get it soon before it's discontinued.
  12. Pomme was originally a 6 month release but because it has been so popular it has been extended If you love it I'd get it as soon as possible becaues like the others have said it won't be around forever and generally they don't announce what is discontinued they just disappear.

    I think amarante may go before pomme based on popularity
  13. omg.. and now i'm torn between the pomme and the new violette because i just saw a pic of it... the pomme is stunning but i was wondering if it's a little too sharp for me.. i know i won't be getting both for sure.. so i really need to decide.. and violette seems classy and the colour seems like it's easier to match clothes with... sigh* internal struggle again...
  14. I would go with Pomme, I think it's a more versatile color between the 2. Don't worry about it being too sharp, it's not, but enough to jazz things up.
  15. Go with Pomme, it has more sparkle than the Violette and the Roxbury Drive is more stunning in Pomme. Get an accessory in Violette, perhaps the new style cles.