a very disappointed experience with chanel... I am still awaiting for my bag.

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  1. I recently ordered a Metallic Silver 227 from one of the Chanel store which I used to deal with. My pervious sales managed to send the bag to my overseas address without any tax and everything went smoothly last time...

    When I tried to call my SA this time, she was not available and the SA who picked up the phone mentioned she could handle it.. which is fine with me..

    Firstly.. it took her 2 weeks to ship out my bag since I paid by credit card, and she promised to email me the tracking... but she didnt get back to me for 3 days and she came back with " company policy and could not disclose the tracking no to customer"

    Then.. I requested to declare the bag as gift with $100USD , she said YES not a problem.. and after 1.5 weeks of wait.. I got a call from Fedex. They are going to charge me $300TAX! I asked.. how much was the bag declare on the invoice? They told me $1500USD! ... WHATTTT.. that is not what I want!!!

    I am still deciding what to do with the tax. Fedex will need a new invoice with the new price, proof of payment and signed declaration by Chanel to explain why the price was incorrect for the first time.. which is such a pain to me!! ( I have to wake up at 3am to give to call them due to different time zone)

    and the worse worse part is.. I got a letter from fedex today... with a copy of the invoice.. which they sent me the wrong bag!!!

    This is such a bad experience for me...
  2. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about that...

    By the way, did you have your purchase sent to your location in Hong Kong? I am wondering why fedex is asking you to pay tax, as I thought that there are no import taxes for HK?
  3. Yeap, should bo no tax in HK even the full value is declared.
  4. Oh, poor you...

    Are the bags to be shipped to HK? i purchased bags in US for shipping to HK too, and agree that there should be no tax even when the full amount is declared.

    anyway, despite the tax, this is totally unacceptable! You should call and ask for their manager and tell them about the whole thing!
  5. Oh wow...and the kicker is that they sent you the wrong bag?! I would try to contact the original SA you used to work with and complain, complain, complain. There needs to be something done about this on their side.
  6. Oh no! You should definitely let that SA know how much inconvenience she caused you and never ever use her again!!!:cursing:
  7. wow...that muct be so annoying. I feel for you.

    Can't Fedex return it seeing as its the wrong bag?

    Good luck in getting this sorted out.
  8. Oh so sorry to hear that. that's really annoying. you should definitely complain. and you should be 100% happy with your purchase.
    Hope everything works out.
  9. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear this! I agree with the other girls, you definitely need to complain about this...Let us know how it turns out!!
  10. I feel sorry for you. I'm thinking - can you refuse the package & have Fedex to return to the store? & the most important, the package didn't come with the bag you want! I'm guessing the SA must have mixed up your bag with someone else. You got to talk to the manager as I know the SA doesn't do the shipping part. Someone else in the store in charge of packing & shipping. There must be some miscommunication between them.

    I had an experience that my SA told me she's going to send out the bag on Monday, but she's actually off that day. When I called in that Monday morning & tried to confirm if the bag is going to be sent out or not. The other SAs told me they didn't see my bag on the shipping list. & They even couldn't find the bag I just bought at all. I was later talked to the manager & until 4-5 hours later she called me back & said she found the bag but had to reconfirm my address. I was like what if I don't call in I won't get my bag & send to a wrong address! Anyway, I would call them & make sure things go right.

    As said by the other TPFers, if there's no duty charge in HK, declare the original value, otherwise you won't be covered with insurance. Better be safe! Good Luck!!!
  11. That is really horrible. Hope u get everything resolved to your satisfaction.
  12. I feel really sorry that you have to go through this choes.

    Just refuse the package since they sent you a wrong bag. Then file your complaint. Period.
  13. that's upsetting, hope your SA can fix this problem.
  14. you scared me for a second there..there should be no tax! I had the metallic black 226 declared at full value and it was taxfree
  15. Is your bag shipped to HK? Should be no tax at all.