A very delayed reveal...

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  1. Have loved being a more quiet member and seeing all your lovely reveals! I figured it was about time that I join in the fun... anyone up for a reveal?

    I just want to say - haven't fallen off the sofa - I bought this prior to joining

  2. Live reveal :woohoo:
  3. Show us ️
  4. Ooooooh exciting here!!!

  5. Not a scarf Ukpandagirl ️ Any guesses?? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459278534.489395.jpg
  6. Ooh oxblood haircalf willow clutch?
  7. I think a clutch?

  8. Oh wow! You're good!

    Here she is in all her glory - unfortunately the lighting doesn't do her justice!

  9. Thank you for sharing and congrats. Love Oxblood. Enjoy her
  10. Very pretty! Enjoy her ️
  11. Thank you! And thanks for letting me share
  12. Stunning congratulations!!! 🎊 👜
  13. That's amazing! Colour everything
  14. What a beauty! Congrats!!