A Very Coachie Christmas

Lady Blackney

~Loves Coach~
Sep 28, 2007
I just wanted to say that my family stumped me good this year. I was complaining how predictable everybody was and that I already knew what I was getting but I was totally wrong. I GOT COACH :yahoo:

From DH I got a Bleecker Leather Hobo in Wine, from my parents I got my beautiful Tattersall Scarf, and from my aunt I got my Penguin Keyfob. Ill post pics when I get home from work but all n all it was great. My parents were surprised because they thought the scarfs only came in one size so when my mom got her purse and they saw the ponytail they got upset that they got me the wrong scarf. However, I like the full size scarf more because I can wear it on my neck, on the purse as a bow, and on the purse with no bow. SO I LOVE IT AND IM GLAD THEY GOT THE WRONG ONE:yahoo: