A very Coach birthday!

  1. The Coach birthday fairy (AKA my sweet husband) left me a present on the dining room table as he was leaving for work this morning! So being the dork I was, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and grabbed my camera so you ladies could open my gift right along with me!! :biggrin:

    I love seeing this bag with unknown goodies inside...

    The anticipation is killing me!!

    It's looking promising...I've got my hopes on what it could be!!

    WOOHOO! It's the Legacy stripe ponytail scarf I've been dying for!!!!

    Here it is on my Hamptons hobo. (I've been carrying it because it's been quite overcast and I do NOT want to get water spots on my gorgeous Ergo's vachetta leather. My large black leather work tote (from Fossil) matches almost perfectly and is big enough to stow the hobo inside in case of rain!!)

    I can't wait to see how it looks on the Ergo!

    I also got my birthday gift to myself in the mail today!!

    I LOVE this charm. I kept seeing it on people's bags and coveting it, but since the boutiques only have the red and pink version, I knew I had to find the one with the Legacy colors. :smile: I think my love of the Legacy stripe is becoming an addiction!!

    Here is the whole ensemble together!

    Hope you have enjoyed my birthday goodies as much as I have!! :balloon:
  2. The scarf and charm are beautiful against the black of the bag!!
  3. Very pretty! Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!!
  4. Cute, cute, cute.. Happy Coach b-day!
  5. Happy B-day! The scarf and the charm are totally cute.
  6. Happy Birthday! You got some gorgeous things! I am so lusting over the legacy stripe scarf!
  7. Nice. :tup: What a sweet hubby. :biggrin:
  8. Hey your Birthday present is so beautiful, your husband has good taste!! Congrats!!

  9. Thanks ladies! Yes, my hubby is the sweetest. He has learned more than he ever wants to know about Coach in the last month, I think. ;) My favorite SA took good care of him at the store though...he said she congratulated him on being a totally awesome husband! LOL
  10. :biggrin: your gifts are beautiful! enjoy them. & i hope you had fabulous bday!
  11. They all look beautiful together! :tup: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :happydance::happydance::party:
  12. that was so sweet of him! and they are lovely! look so good on the bag! and happy birthday! :party:
  13. I have to agree...that looks amazing!!!
  14. I just got the same flower charm in the mail today too! I love it! :yes:
  15. That's a great gift!!!! He did really good, Congrats!! I hope my hubby gets the hint on my B-day, it's on Saturday :angel: