A Very Chanel Presidents Day! Chanel x3

  1. To celebrate a day off from work I headed down to Chanel Soho to pick up some goodies.

    Black Camellia Earrings
    These are really cute and have little gold flecks in them

    Starry Night Headband (wonder what Vincent Van Gogh what think of this one...

    Probably the best bang for the buck item from Chanel this season at $195

    Valentine's Day Gift from BF :heart::yes:
    earrings2.jpg headband.jpg earrings1.jpg headbandview.jpg
  2. Love everything!
  3. Omg! Your loot is awesome! I especially LOVE your headband!
  4. adorable!
    love the starry night headband :love:
  5. Wow!! What great new Chanel acquisitions! -I LOVE the earrings, I've been tempted to buy the matching ring. -What a sweet BF for the cute shoes! -Congrats!
  6. Love everything! How much were the shoes?
  7. Ohhh, it sure was hehe! :nuts: I have and LOVE the starry night headband... it's so gorgeous and sparkly! :love: The earrings are adorable, and the ballet flats are too cute (you have a very sweet b/f)! :girlsigh: :love: Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo:
  8. Wow- great price for the headband- very pretty too!
  9. Gorgeous....i love ur ballet flats & headband....Congrats~~
  10. Thanks for all the comments everyone :smile:! Jayne1 the shoes were $675 + tax, I got them at Bergdorf Goodman, I believe Saks does not carry this color. The style info is C3451 Beige 21008/Noir 94305.
  11. sweeeet goodies. i'm especially envious about the flats!!!! and that ur bf got them for you LOL
  12. I'd love a headband like that.. like the earrings too!
  13. Loooove the headband & flats!!!!!! Congrats!
  14. Very cute, congrats!
  15. Great haul, you're very lucky.:girlsigh: