A Very BIG ThankYou to my SA - a reveal!!

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  1. The last few days had been very stressful for me and my kids. They were having their exams and I was trying my best to coach them.:sweatdrop:

    Halfway through the week, I was already feeling mentally drained:Push:, tho I was not the one taking the exams!:P

    So, I had to get some therapy before depression sets in...:P
  2. wow, may I be the first one to congratulate you???!! what did u get? please show~~ no matter what it is, i am sure it's already made you feel all better:yahoo:
  3. what is it??????????
  4. I was on afternoon offs from Mon till Thu so that I could run home to pick the kids up from school, and settle them down for their last min revisions before each paper the following day...:sweatdrop:

    The SA from another store called on Tue to say there were some shoes on sale that were still available in my sizes...so...I planned for a 30min drop-by on my way home the next day...even tho I had already bought some Stuart Weitzman heels just 3 days back!:P
  5. Sooo, on Wed, I rushed off from the office, down to the store. But as I was crossing the road, my legs detoured me to my usual H store...I don't know why??:confused1:
  6. I went in, didn't see my SA and I asked for him. They said he was out for lunch and would be back in 15mins time. So, I thought maybe I should just look around and run off, since the kids are waiting for me and I was not even suppose to be here in the 1st place!!:P
  7. sorry about your stressful day, but a little therapy..... cannot wait to see what the doctor ordered!
  8. The SM said she can call and check if he's on his way back but I felt bad interrupting his lunch. H service being H service, was undeniably superb as my SA appeared within the next 10mins!:smile:

    He said he was already planning to give me a call that afternoon as he had something to show me!:nuts: Oh, did I get some telepathy signals??:idea:
  9. He told me to give him a sec and off he went into the lift...

    He was back in a jiffy with a big box in his hands!:nuts:

    I couldn't wait for him to open it but had to contain my excitement:yahoo: cos I was not expecting anything since I am still 'new' to him...:smile:
  10. :yahoo:What is it???
  11. He opened the box and I was like 'This is dropdead gorgeous!!!'

    BUT, I had to seek DH's opinion; since he is the financial controller of the family...:Push: Tho I earn my own living, he plans for our retirement and reminds me of what I need and what I don't need...:cursing:
  12. :popcorn:
  13. So, I asked to snap a pic of the beauty, sent it off to DH's mobile and waited anxiously...:sweatdrop:

    DH replied within the next 2mins 'Nice colour'.

    Phew, I thought. And now, strike while the iron's hot!!:wlae:

    I text him saying 'Can I get it?' And he replied 'Wait for the weekend'. Duh!:Push:
  14. Noooooooooooo! Don't wait!:crybaby:
  15. The SA was very nice and said I could think over it for the next few days while he puts it on hold for me.

    So, off I ran back home to continue with my kids' revisions...with that beauty stuck in my head...I was in love...literally!! And the pic which I snapped at the store went straight into my mobile's wallpaper...:heart::heart::heart:

    The next 24hrs, I was like 'ants on a hotpot'(translated from a Chinese proverb' to mean anxiety)...I waited for the morning, while sitting next to DH in the car to discuss it with him :P