A very BELATED reveal!!


Hi all! Got these in February when the pictures first hit this FORUM despite me saying that I'm not gonna commit to any bags in the first quarter after splurging in my watch...

BUT alas... I went back on my word... and got these... Wanted to post these pictures that I took since a long while back but just haven't had the time to! Busy with work and wedding preps! But here they are!!

I'm loving em!!! :love::heart:

A box within a box!

My gauffre pouch! It was love at first sight when I was at my local boutique.

The main bulk of the parcel!

Tadah!! My very first light colored member to my family of Pradas!

Cross-body sling...

Shoulder carried...



Nov 7, 2007
beautiful aluminio! congrats!

btw, op, can you tell us the style#? it looks like a smaller BN1336 w/ drawstrings.


Aug 20, 2008
Is this the Allumino color? I am dying over these new lighter colored bags from Prada.....and looking at the one Emmy posted....ugh!


Hee hee... Thanks ladies for the compliments!

lpsimer - Actually it's kinda non-metallic silverish, very very light grey, the leather handles are in very light grey.

Longchamp - aha yeah you read right... my wedding's gonna be in June. So preps picking up quick and fast!

purse-nality - This is actually BN1788!
I actually took a very long time to decide between BN1788 and BN1336 but I went for this in the end, because the handle straps are actually a little longer and I can carry it on my shoulders. Plus the tassles made it look a little more lady! The only thing is that this has the button snap closure while BN1336 has the zip-top which I thought would be ideal for travelling!

Logic - This is not leather, it's actually tessuto, their nylon version.

ryrybaby12 - Yups!! This is Alluminio! I know what you mean! I fell in love with this when I first saw it over Joanna's e-mails early Feb shortly after I told myself no more spending! I just can't help it with this Alluminio! :whiteflag:


Mar 14, 2009
Pixielexie--we totally understand how easy it is to buy right after you decide not to buy anything for awhile! I love, love, love your gaufre pouch! The bag is beautiful too!