A very belated Christmas gift...

  1. We weren't able to have our planned celebration with DH's dad and stepmom at Christmas because stepmom's father had to have emergency bypass surgery in Tennessee, so last night we finally got together with them and my BIL and his gf to open gifts and go out to dinner.

    They are amazingly generous and are so happy to have a girl in the family to buy for at last, so I got lots of nice things, but it took sheer force of will to not tear into this beauty the moment I saw the Tattersall...


    What could it be?


    It's being a bit shy...


    It's the Hamptons small round hobo!


    I have wanted this bag forever. When i first saw it, I decided it was perfect for when I wanted a small, nice bag to carry the essentials (phone, wallet, etc.), especially when I'm carrying a bigger bag for work files, laptop, etc. I am VERY pleased to report that I am right. It fits perfectly under my shoulder, and I'm pretty sure it'll hold a wristlet, mini-skinny, my big honking phone, and a few other small things. This would have been my first from-the-boutique Coach bag if I had not gone crazy with the sales and outlet...but I love it just as much!! My in-laws are awesome.
  2. That was so sweet of them!!
  3. A classic timeless coach peice, very nice !
  4. Oooo pretty, congrat's.
  5. So cute! I love hobos!
  6. Very nice! Congrats on the great bag!!!
  7. i LOVE that style too! i'm sure it'll hold more than you think it can too... i wish my in laws were liked me that much! every year they get me bath & body stuff from the drugstore... at least their son knows how to spoil me!
  8. Such a classic bag! It was very sweet of them to get that for you!
  9. :wtf: The box itself would have had me forgetting my age...And tearing into it as a child does on Christmas day! That you were able to contain yourself is just plain amazing~ WOW...A classic handbag that will last you a lifetime! Loved how you did the photos...I was just DYING to see all of it!

    That's awesome that your in laws are able to purchase you such a lovely gift of Coach! Their OK in my book...

    I hope your stepmom's father is ok...
  10. What a great gift and so sweet of your inlaws!!
  11. Thank you guys for all the compliments! I can't wait to carry this new, gorgeous bag. I must agree, my in-laws are incredibly sweet. I was lucky to not only find an amazing guy to spend the rest of my life with, but to be able to marry in to such a warm, welcoming family. They've treated me like I belonged there since the first time DH brought me over to meet them. It is a true blessing.

    Cadillactaste, thank you for asking, her dad is doing quite well. The surgery was successful and he got to go home on Christmas Day! :smile: That's the best gift of all.
  12. Wow very nice bag, and very nice family too! You are lucky on both counts. Enjoy wearing this lovely bag.
  13. So cute- congrats!
  14. Congrats! Hope everything is going well with your family.
  15. Lucky girl!!!:girlsigh: