A vegetarian's dilemma

  1. Hi ladies -- I've just joined this forum in the past couple of days and am having a hard time doing anything else but reading post after post after post. I am learning so much from you all and am so grateful. But I haven't yet seen anyone mention this issue.

    I'm a vegetarian, for ethical reasons. This is my personal choice, and I don't try to proselytize or convert anyone to the cause. For me, though, I have a hard time justifying participating in the slaughter of animals to eat or wear when I have other options readily available. I have made exceptions on occasion when the item was just too lovely to resist (like the fabulous periwinkle Ann Taylor satchel I bought a couple of springs ago), but I end up feeling queasy that I'm consciously and voluntarily wearing the skin of another creature on my arm or my back.

    Based on that preface, I suspect you already know what I'm about to talk about: I'm having a very hard time finding attractive bags that are non-leather. Most of the gorgeous bags that I've seen and read about on this forum are all- or part-leather; I drool over them (like the cobalt HH Havana Hobo :girlsigh:), but would be very uncomfortable carrying them.

    Can anyone recommend any sources of non-leather bags that are good-looking and high-quality? I'd be thrilled to hear about vinyl bags, nylon/microfiber bags, cotton canvas bags . . . anything that won't involve the guilt factor.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I believe Stella McCartney and Matt&Nat make vegan handbags, although I don't own any and cannot comment as to their qulaity. Some people justify the use of leather because it is a byproduct of the meat-packing industry. Without the meat consumption there would not be the skin available to use, so without eating meat some people believe they are not doing any harm by using the byproduct of meat-eaters. But that is a decision only you can make for yourself.
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  3. Stella McCartney makes GORGEOUS bags that are non-leather; however, they're kind of overpriced IMHO, and really expensive! But, they are beautiful, like this one:

    Sage Patent Saddle Bag
  4. I am a vegetarian but not for ethical reasons. If some of these animals are being slaughtered for their meat because we are on top of the food chain then I would rather the whole animal used instead of just a few parts. That is just my opinion. If you feel like other people will think you are a hypocrite by wearing these bags then just tell them what I say which is " I am not a vegetarian for ethical or political reasons, I just think meat is gross"
  5. Check out he mulberry website
  6. Welcome to the forum!!! :flowers:

    Tough question: in the big picture, every new thing involves the guilt factor - by manufacturing, growing, distribution etc. - you name it. Vinyl/nylon especially; but even organic cotton and hemp involves offensive agriculture. In my opinion, leather - as an unavoidable by-product of food - doesn't rank too badly.
    The most ethical solution I can think of is recycled bags - either bags made of recycled materials (leather or else), or used, pre-owned bags.
  7. I love love love the Tods nylon bags.
  8. I think Matt & Nat have some really stylish bags that are perfect for you! Other options in the nylon category, there is always Longchamp. I like those cotton canvas bags with the recycle themes on them too. There was on posted in the Blog that's not coming to mind....
  9. I agree that Stella McCartney has some fabulous bags and shoes...but are overpriced. However, lots of stores are doing last call sales and I recall seeing a lot of Stella McCartney stuff at NM's on sale!
  10. How about Apres Midi bags? Some of them are trimmed in leather, but most of their line tends to be nylon/plastic. One of my fav bags of all is from them (2 of my close friends bought the same bag in different colors b/c they loved mine). I'm having a hard time finding retailers online, but they show up on eBay regularly.

  11. chanel have a lot of vinyl bags
  12. Welcome! An option for you might be recycled leather bags? Google, 'Ashley Watson' she's in Canada and makes some lovely recycled leather handbags from old leather coats and such. Also like the other gals said Matt & Nat, check out lunaboston.com for them!
  13. Welcome to the Forum! I tend to agree with the posters here that Matt & Nat have some really nice bags that are not made of leather. I love leather. I really don't like the feel of man made materials in the way of handbags, but Matt & Natt deserves a second look. I don't mind the thought of wearing animal skin when it comes to leather, as we really are utilizing the entire animal and not just discarding the unfortunate creature just for the fur or skin.
  14. i don't think this is a high end designer bag but stella macartney is making a collabo with lesportsac next month of super cute bags that are made from recyled materials.=)
  15. Wow, thanks for all of the great replies, so quickly! I'm excited. :happydance:

    friponne, I'm totally with you: every choice we make has consequences for the planet (the old butterfly effect). The completely-recycled option is really the best one, true. E.g., I've seen some really fun bags made out of old license plates (which I'd completely forgotten about until this very moment). But I work in a professional field, and those bags wouldn't be very useful for me (although they would be great fun).

    HauteMama and Mrs. MC, I understand the top-of-the-food-chain justification youre talking about. It simply doesn't work for me, because I'd prefer for others not to eat meat as well. Plus I figure that if I keep on buying leather products, the manufacturers have another excuse to keep up the slaughter.

    Mrs. MC, I don't much care what other people think about me carrying or wearing leather. If/when they call me on it, I simply plan to admit that yes, I'm making an exception to my ethical system. But since it's my system in the first place, I have a right to make exceptions, and it's nobody else's business. The guilt isn't coming from anyone else -- it's all mine.

    Everyone, thanks for the great recommendations! I plan to check out all the manufacturers you've recommended, and would be glad to hear any and all other suggestions.