A Valentine Rabbit

  1. It matches my little woodland purse too - just wish I had the pouch to match!
  2. Stunning scarf, and what a fabulous present to receive! :smile:
  3. Gorgeous scarf, and fab pictures. Lovely Valentines pressie. Enjoy.
  4. How absolutely divine! Love it :biggrin:
  5. What a beautiful scarf! I've never seen this before and I want one! Congratulations! :smile:
  6. Gorgeous scarf, and cute bunny too :smile:
  7. Just lovely! Lucky you!
  8. What a thoughtful boyfriend you have, and such a lovely scarf too!
  9. Very pretty! :smile:
  10. Beautiful scarf Ruby....congratulations :smile:
  11. Beautiful scarf i love the colours in it, fab gift now all u have to do is try+ get the pouch to match if u can.
    The only Mulberry item that i have with a bunny on it is a pink keyring and i ab love it.

    Lovely cute reveal tonight perfect for Valentines night i just lurve rabbits...
  12. What a lovely thought, enjoy!
  13. Really lovely scarf - congratulations
  14. So cute!!!!!
  15. Lovely whimsical scarf! It made me go to the M.com site but nothing there that even comes close!