A unique and soft reveal

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  1. I have been getting little things lately, so this reveal is a combination of last PCE, a small surprise from a fellow tpf'er, and the latest Oct 5th PCE. Ready to see a couple new things, and a couple old?
  2. Yes! Yes!
  3. First is the last PCE purchases. Two keyfobs and a scarf. We've seen the keyfobs before, but I haven't seen anyone reveal any scarves. It is my first one, and I am looking forward to colder weather to use it!
    phpNZfc5aPM.jpg phpWg7uuAPM.jpg
  4. yes!
  5. Love your Keyfobs
  6. I put the scarf on with a t-shirt for this pic, but I think it will look cute with a long sleeve shirt, and then I can put a jacket over it for going outside.
    phpnu0pTsPM.jpg phpGUNQTFPM.jpg php2ZnjQwPM.jpg
  7. Cute stuff!
  8. Here is the surprise! You know who you are. Thank you so much for helping to get these. We have some awesome members here on tpf. There is so much knowledge and helpfulness and great conversation here. I am so happy to have found this place :smile: I hope to be able to return the favors and help others in the future if I can.
    php2bsAjjPM.jpg phpJquoHaPM.jpg
  9. The doggy and stagecoach are so cute! You can do a lot with that scarf - so many great colors.
  10. Last is this PCE's purchase. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet. I never buy anything that has real fur because I have seen the videos and read the articles about how that fur is obtained. I don't want to contribute to any places that use violent or painful tactics.

    I was trying to decide what I wanted to get this time, so I took screenshots of 5 items and showed them to my DH. It was 2 wallets, a clutch, the colored pencils, and this. He actually thought this item looked the best, and so did I. It arrived today, and it is the softest thing I have ever felt. I do love it, but if I hear that Coach gets their fur in a painful way, then I would probably have to send it back. Does anyone out there know about Coach fur and can educate me a little?
    phpnXsvaKPM.jpg phpLTqW3cPM.jpg phpuQ0CB7PM.jpg phpRSrR1BPM.jpg phpcxDzazPM.jpg
  11. Wow, some great things that I haven't seen before and the dragonfly which I love. Congrats on your goodies.

    I am interested in how you hang your fobs? Can you show us more of how you hang them? tia
  12. Love the fur ball! How unique! Is it available now? What type of fur is it?

    OP, I understand you concerns about fur. Any info on that would also be appreciated.
  13. I love the fobs, especially those hard to get ones - the mushroom and dragonfly. They are especially awesome. Pretty scarf. I love the fur ball too. Since the fur is from calf, not rabbit or mink, I would expect that it was obtained in the same way that they obtain leather.
  14. Its rabbit fur according to the coach website.
  15. Thank you guys! I thought I would feel a little empty not getting a purse this time, but this stuff is just as exciting :P