A typographic question...

  1. What kind of font is the LV used for the logo?
    I know there are some outstanding graphic designers in the LV forum, please help!!! I am just so lazy to look for it :sweatdrop: Thanks!

    No no no...I am not trying to produce Fake bags, Never~
  2. I'm sure it is a copywritten font and not available publicly.
  3. I saw those fonts before, but I couldn't remember what its name is...Caslon?
  4. Also, the L is italic, and the V is not
  5. yes, thanks...I really like the classic fonts...
  6. The Neiman Marcus logo is hand lettered and scanned, not a font.


    is Futura ND Medium

  7. thanks for that one ^^^
  8. Any idea where to get Futura ND Medium? My computer doesn't have it and either does dafont.com, I don't know where I can get it for free, or can I at all? :confused1:
  9. Century Gothic works also for the "louis vuitton" one. at least, i was able to manipulate it slightly to get it to work for me.

    i don't know what the font is for the "LV" one though.
  10. I have Futura font, but mine is bolder and black. This Futura ND Medium font looks very elegant. :yes:
  11. I want to know what Karen Kooper's font is!!! :drool:
  12. :yes:Thank you! That works!
  13. You can buy the font for $43.70 here:

    Find, try, buy and download fonts online : MyFonts[]=91025

    I guess because I'm a graphic designer, the century font is NOT the same at all to me! John, let me check out KK...

    One more thing, there are many similar fonts to the LV, but it looks handlettered to me as well. Remember, when these logos were created, that's how they did it. There were not universal fonts back then.
  14. Do you mean the script or the block lettering in her titles? Or both!?

    Zapfino One