A Typical Week Day In The life of-------

  1. What is your typical week day/days like ?
  2. This is my schedule on Thursdays (the only day that I don't run errands after work)

    6:00am: get up, take a shower
    6:30: wake up son, get him ready for school
    7:15: drop son off at before-school care
    7:30: back home, make a cup of coffee
    7:45am: boot up computer and start working
    11:30am: take a quick lunch
    12:00pm: back to work
    4:15pm: pick up son
    4:30pm: have conference call while son watches Dora the Explorer
    5:30pm: take son to swim class
    6:30pm: back home, give son a bath
    7:00pm: make dinner, eat dinner
    8:00pm: read magazine while son watches Spongebob
    8:30pm: put son to bed
    8:45pm finish up work
    10:00pm: BEDTIME
  3. wake up

    go to work

    come back and get on eBay



  4. Work 6a.m.-3 p.m.
    Gym 3-4
    Work 4-6
    Dinner 6-8
    Read/ watch tv 8-9:30

    Wow, writing it down put's it into perspective...I need more excitement!!!
  5. 6:30 am--wake up and get in the shower
    6:45-7:45--makeup, dress, hair, etc.
    7:45-- wake up 5 yr old daughter
    7:45-8:15--get her ready to go to Nana's
    8:20--leave for Nana's
    8:45 am--arrive at work, drink coffee
    9:00 am-2:00 pm--work
    2:00-3:00--pick up daughter, go home
    3:00-5:00--errands, housework, etc.
    7:00pm--bath time for daughter
    8:00 pm--story and bedtime
    8:00-11:00--whatever I want to do!
    11:00 bedtime for me
  6. 7:30 Wake up
    7:30-8:30Get ready for work
    8:30 Go to work
    5:00- Rush home, eat quick snack & rush off to class
    6:15-8:30- class
    9:00-take a shower, eat another snack
    9:30-10:30-homework for class
    10:30-11:30-reading before bed.

    Tis an exciting life I lead.:yucky:
  7. 6:00 wake up to a chorus of mamadadababa coming from my son's room.
    6-8 playtime with my son (and try to drink a cup of coffee)
    8-8:30 give my son breakfast
    8:30-9 get my son changed and down for a nap
    9-10:30ish shower, eat breakfast, clean, check PF, pay bills, etc while he naps
    10:30-11:30 more playtime (or sometimes run errands)
    11:30 get my son ready to go to grandma's
    12:00 drop off my son at my mom's and go to work
    12-3:30 go to work (part-time 7th grade teacher)
    3:30-4:30 visit at my mom's (and let my dad have some playtime with my son)
    4:30 come home and play/snack for my son
    5:00- start making dinner while my son plays in his pack and play
    5:45 feed my son his dinner
    6ish-7 dinner with my dh
    7:00-7:30 bath time for my son
    7;30-8 stories, bottle, and bedtime for my son
    8-10 my time to veg
    10ish pass out in my bed
  8. 6:50 Wake Up and get ready for work
    8:00 Start work at the pre-school
    1:00 Finsh work and walk home
    1:30 Lunch
    2:00 Driving Lesson
    3:00 Watch Summerland (cheesy I know!)
    4:00 Check PF and other sites
    5:00 Have a cup of tea with my Mum and read all her newspapers
    6:00 Tea
    7:00 Bath and Hair wash
    9:00 TV
    10:00 Bed
  9. I am a litigator on Mon, Wed and Thurs. UNless of course, a case requires me to work at home or go to court on Tues and/or Fri as well. But typically, (on my days off) my schedule really revolves around my son. So we get up around 8 (if he is nice and sleeps in) then I give him breakfast, and play until nap time (my PF time)! Then when he gets up, I feed him and then play some more or go out and about. During his afternoon nap is when I try to workout or do things around the house. He gets up, we play some more and around 6 or so I give him dinner. He is usually in bed by 7:30 and then I get the night to catch up with work, my DH and relax.
  10. Wake up, get daughter up -- get ready for the day
    Take daughter to school and go to work
    Work all day and then go home
    Make dinner
    After dinner, I usually am driving daughter to various activities (track, cross country, Taekwondo, music, movies, library and once in a great while to the boyfriend's house. :sad: )
    When not driving her all over the place, I do some gardening in the evenings, computer time, watch some TV and occasionally stare at my closet and think I should reorganize it.
    Go to bed!

    Weekends are different but still involve driving my daughter everywhere. She just got a moped for her 14th birthday so when the weather is nice, she drives herself now. :flowers:
  11. wake up between 6-7:30 am
    read emails, purseblog 7:30-8 am
    shower n get ready for work 8-9 am
    9-6 pm work with children
    go back to work n eat 6-7 pm
    watch tv 7-9 pm
    talk to bf on the phone (he is in washington while I am in CA) 9-10 pm
    work on my dissertation and work reports 10 pm-1:30 am
    go to sleep 1:30- am
  12. My typical weekday is like this:

    7.00am: Wake up by Dad
    7.20: Second yell that it's almost 7.30 - Emerge.
    7.30-7.45: Breakfast
    7.45-8.00: Checking of email OR quick nap OR running around house
    8.00-8.30: Shower and preparations
    8.30-8.45: Run around house like deranged chicken for clothes or items required for the day.
    9.00: At the office, checking of email (also called checking in on the PF)
    9.30-10.30 (any point during this time): Morning coffee with colleagues.
    12.00pm: Announcement of state of hungriness (made by self or colleagues, depending on said state)
    1.30 to 3.00: Return to work, depending on distance to food + attraction of ice cream parlour.
    4.00: Coffee break
    6.00: Going home, via a little shopping at night
    8.00: Dinner time
    9.00: Internet time
    ??: Bedtime (anywhere between 8.30pm and 6.30am)

    Lather, rince, repeat.

    12.00pm: Wake up
    1pm: Food
    3pm: Nap or shopping
    8pm: Dinner
    Sleep as above.
  13. 6:30am - Wake up, get 2 kids dressed, myself dressed, get kids
    breakfast, brushed teeth, combed hair.
    8:30am - Get son ready for bus, daughter ready to be dropped off.
    9:00am- Put son on bus, take daughter to pre-school.
    9:30-11:30- Go to school.
    12:00- Be home for son. Son and I eat lunch.
    1:00-3:00- Play or rest time.
    3:00 - Pick up my daughter from pre-school.
    3:15-5:00- Play time, get dinner ready.
    5:00-6:00- Dinner
    6:00- 7:30- Kids showers, get clothes ready for school next day,
    7:30- Get myself ready for the next day, (shower, wash hair), make
    all lunches,
    8:00-11:00- Watch TV or hang out.
  14. Dang you people have to get up early! I am out of school, don't have kids, and only work about 30 hours a week but the hours really vary.

    wake up about an hour before work, whether it's 9:00 am or 2:00 pm.
    take shower/get ready to work/eat
    break - eat
    go home and get online OR see boyfriend or friends
    crash out between 2 and 4 am

    look for job
    see boyfriend or go to beach or go shopping
  15. Class days-

    6:30 Wake up
    6:30-7:30 Tea, check e-mail, watch Sportscenter, eat breakfast
    7:30-8:00 Get dressed leave
    8:30-1:30 School
    1:30-2:30 Out to lunch with DH
    2:30-5:00 Take care of dog/read/readPH
    5:00-9:00 Study group and Japanese class
    9:30 Dinner with DH
    10-1 Spend time with DH, work out, read
    1-2:00 Bedtime

    Sleep late the next day since my class schedule is every other day.
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