a two part reveal..

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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2017
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    i'll save the story for the 'big' reveal later but i picked this little beauty up yesterday (thanks to to the ladies on this forum for their recommendations)



    holds everything i need it to and looks great in my new handbag :angel:

    i'm having a problem with the key part though, it doesnt seem to open? i managed it once but it won't work now.. feels like it's stuck. **edit, a friend showed me how to open it, i'm just foolish**

    stay tuned for the big reveal.. i.e when i get home from work!!!
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  2. Congrats. And looking fwd to the upcoming reveal.
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  3. Congrats on your adorable new piece! Wow, that does hold a lot! Can't wait to see what else you picked up. :tup:
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  4. Congrats ❤️❤️❤️
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  5. I have it in the coquelicot color. Congrats! :heart:
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  6. Congratulations!
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  7. IMG_1506762269.071149.jpg


    & here she is [emoji7][emoji7] full story when I get on my computer in a second..
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  8. so... ive been calling and calling LV CS (i'm in the UK) to be told im on the waiting list, the waiting list is closed, it could be up to 6 weeks, the stock might only come in around christmas... you name it, i've been told it.

    so yesterday i was working from home (well, sorta) and decided to call LV in Selfridges to see if i could get anywhere, and after holding for a while the lady told me they did have a few in stock but she wasn't sure if they were for people on the waiting list. so then i ring LV CS *again* and the guy was super helpful and said New Bond St also had a few in stock. so naturally, i raced into my car (yes, i was supposed to be working but LV comes first, right?) and snapped up the last one. the service in the store was great and i'd definitely visit again. preferably when i'm not a sweaty, make-upless mess.

    so incredibly happy with my pochette metis! just the perfect size and i can't wait to take her shopping with me asap.

    hope everybody else waiting for their dream bag gets lucky too :heart:
  9. great LV's - congrats!!
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  10. Fabulous choice! :tup:
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  11. Congrats, great choice!
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  12. Congrats!
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  13. Congrats on both pieces! :smile:
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  14. Lovely!! Congrats!!!
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  15. Congratulations on both gorgeous pieces!! :biggrin:
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