A twist and a happy reveal!!


Feb 8, 2012
kuala lumpur
I fall in love...hard...with boy bag after watching Jenn G reveal video in youtube showing her new red caviar boy bag.the bag is super gorgeous and the red is just...OMG!

Ive been staying away from purseforum and really trying to be good for almost 8 months so i didn't get the latest updates and all.i didn't know Chanel already come out with caviar boy bag until its too late.i called so many boutiques trying to track down the red caviar but its been sold everywhere.

I gv up and being torn between a black caviar ghw and burgundy lambskin chevron rhw.i love both but not as much as i did with the red.long story short, i did get the black but sold it to a friend of mine as im planning to get the burgundy.

I went to get my burgundy but my SA being so shady and told me to come back in another 2 weeks.turned out ive to wait for 3 weeks and today......i go and picked up my new baby and its not the chevron 😍😍😍😍😍