A truly lovely day...

  1. For those of you following my up and mostly down story (check it out here in case you missed it http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta/so-sad-banned-before-i-began-188641.html) I have an update...

    Today I woke up filled with excitement. Two of my dear friends had scheduled a lovely lunch to celebrate my return to work after 6 years of staying at home with my DD. I dropped my daughter off at school and headed downtown to do some shopping while I waited to meet them.

    I had finally (sadly) come to terms (sort of) that I wasn't going to get my dream bag so I decided to head to Longchamps and buy a le pliage tote instead. I purchased a long handle tote in navy, quite nice and left feeling pleased with my purchase. I continued shopping and called my DH to let him know about my purchase and to bask in glory of finding an economic alternative to the large campana.

    He was blown away; even stuttered, "I thought you wanted the other bag," he said. I proudly stated, "I'm aware that we disagreed about making that purchase and felt like this bag is a great short-term alternative." Nothing...I heard nothing! Then he said,"you ruined the surprise!" :wtf:

    What surprise? He went on to tell me that he had planned on buying the bag after work tomorrow, having it wrapped, then taking the whole family out to dinner to present it to me on Sunday night (the night before my first day). I was :wtf::nuts::yahoo:. He was bummed that he didn't pull off the surprise. He said, "would it make you happy to go and get it now and then take it to lunch and show it to your friends?" I said YES! So I went and returned the longchamps bag and went skipping off to the BV boutique. I saw my SA (I know him not b/c I have ever purchased anything from him, but b/c I have been stalking my bag and now he recognizes me:shame:smile: and sang out, I am her to buy my BAG! He went and got me one from the back, never been touched...:love: The smell, the feel, I love it:girlsigh:. I know this is long post, but I have been waiting and wanting this bag and now it's mine.

    Thanks to everyone for all your support and well wishes. And a big public apology to my DH...He was trying to be sweet and I s@#t all over him for it. I am now the happy owner of one lovely large ebano campana:yahoo:.


    PS To make this story even sweeter I purchased the Susan G. Komen card and got my bag for 20% off.
  2. Congratulations!

    The wait paid off and now you have the bag and DH's blessings as well...... wonderful.

    Er.... (blush), by the way, which BV did you buy (can't remember if you've mentioned in your earlier posts).... hey, how about action pictures?

    Happy for you.... happy for you ! ;)
  3. I got the large ebano campana:love:
  4. congrats!! action pics please!! :smile:
  5. Oooh... how lovely.....!!!
    Now, I can say your DH is definitely a keeper..... what a sweetie 'grouchy' guy !:p Maybe it was all just an act to add to the surprise!!!
  6. Oh, I'm so happy for you, H-Less! When I ready your earlier post about being banned, I really felt for you as my DH would've react the same way. But your DH is so sweet to surprise you and to make your return to work extra special. Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. congratulations!! i'm so very happy for you~

    enjoy your dream bag and use it in good health! :smile:
  8. Glad that you did not buy the black campana off Bluefly. A Ha..... the wait paid off!!! What a sweet DH you have. Such a warm story. Congratulations.:tup:
  9. H-Less, I'm beyond thrilled for you. Everything turned out so well and fell into place nicely. And your DH really did want you to have the bag. All's well that ends well. Many congrats my dear!
  10. Congrats, I'm really happy for you and your dh is just a sweetheart. Good luck on your new job and enjoy your lovely new bag!!
  11. Oh, H-Less, I`m so happy for you! You´ll be the best-dressed gal at your workplace, you certainly know that your DH is a real sweetheart and your disussions were only a disguise while he was planning this wonderful surprise and it was good for charity! What more can you ask for?

    Many many congratulations on getting your dream bag!
  12. h-less..what a sweet story! words can express how happy i am for you. i knew your dream bag will come along after hearing your story. congratulations and best wishes to your new job! at the mean time, please wow us with pictures of your new campana soon!
  13. What a wonderful story! I'm so happy you got your Campana and your DH sounds like a sweetheart after all - LOL! Enjoy your lovely new bag.
  14. I am so glad this story has a happy ending! Congratulations!
  15. How sweet! Congrats on your Campana, as well as a DH, H-Less!

    And now for pics! :choochoo: