A True New York Moment (Bag browsing in NYC)

  1. Hi
    I had a very nice experience when I was in Lord and Taylor (they had a sale.) Anyway, I was checking out Coach sale pieces and I had the nicest chat with a lady who was also purse perusing. She had never bought Coach before and was admiring the beautiful cream colored signature gallery? signature tote. (Not exactly sure of name, but they were in out spring.) We were chatting about the nice hardware, etc. and she noticed which was not Coach, but a Dooney (classic kind) She admired my bag and said she wanted one of those, so I told her what a nice bag it really is that I usually don't carry Dooney and Bourke...but Coach (Ok, I didn't get into the LV, I collect those too) She was laughing "No more." I should stop. I said, I know the feeling. Then I should her about four Coach and 1 LV piece in my bag and she laughed really hard. (there were other stories, but a very nice lady and I told her about the Purse Forum. She might check it out! HOpe so, because she seems very nice with a sense of humor.:yes: :yes: No, I didn't buy any bags, sometimes looking at them satisfies a craving. Have to keep saying No Space, No Space, like a mantra. But obviously I thought would share.
  2. Charming story, thanks for sharing. And I do hope she joins this forum - can always do with more people with a sense of humour. :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing - I must try your mantra and see if it works for me LOL!
  4. I go visit the local purses here as well! It really does help stave off that next purchase by just paying a visit.
  5. ^^^Me too. Sometimes just visiting gives me a good fix for a while. It's always fun to run into someone else who appreciates handbags.