A (true) Marc Jacobs fairy tale...

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  1. I was thrift-shopping today, and went into a store that I've occasionally found some fun stuff in, but nothing really high end. I was actually supposed to be out at a friend's land, swimming in the river, but due to a blood test yesterday (I'm doing chemo) my doctors said to stay out of unchlorinated water, hence the shopping trip today instead.

    I'm looking at the shoe rack, amazed at the prices they put on completely unremarkable shoes, when I see this pair of Marc Jacobs red velvet pumps. I turned them over, and there's no price written on them, which means they cost the regular item price of $5.00. I couldn't believe they'd missed these, but I bought them and brought them home and here they are! I just love them!

    And the motto of this MJ fairy tale is...sometimes, when life hands you disappointments, it's because there is something else really cool waiting for you just around the corner - or on the shoe rack!

  2. those are nice, congrats on such a fantastic deal!
  3. they're lovely! congrats on a steal of a deal!
  4. Gorgeous!!! Congrats, it's a great feeling to be thrifting and find something fab.
  5. They are so beautiful. And for only $5?? Such a steal!
  6. Now that's the definition of a steal.
  7. Congratulations, Armaiti! A fantastic score!
  8. So pretty! What a great find!
  9. Great find! Congrats!
  10. aw congrats! that would make me feel better too.
  11. Congrats!! Are you alright? I hope everything is ok with you :smile:
  12. Yes, thanks so much, I'm doing fine...I had surgery to remove a mass on my ovary that tested positive, but they got everything out, and the chemo is just to make sure that any microscopic cancer cells are taken care of. It's a pretty mild version compared to what other friends have had - I actually am calling it "chemo lite"!
  13. congrats on a great find!!!
  14. they are great finds!! loving them.. oh well i love red.. hope u get better soon!
  15. Great Score! Armaiti, good luck with the chemo!