A trip to the movies with my Holy Grail

  1. I went and saw Resident Evil Retribution and it was the of the best movie I have ever seen in my life!!! The movie was flawless and I am a Resident Evil fan (video game and movie) from the beginning and this movie exceeded my expectations. I LVOE Jill Valentine and Ada Wong in the movie! My Multicolore Speedy 30 and I recommend this movie haha!
    image-1850619867.jpg image-1955457248.jpg image-324255221.jpg image-3844559399.jpg
  2. Gurl, I'm sure a lot of heads turned with that beautiful bag!
  3. oh my goodness...jill looks so different! You look fab with your Speedy :smile: Did you like the movie? I'm a big fan as well of the game.
  4. I LOVED the movie. I am going to see it again in 3D! Yeah Jill looks different because she was brain-washed. Have you been keeping up with the game? Resident Evil 5 was when Jill turned blonde. Resident Evil 6 is coming out Oct 2!
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    You look fab. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie:smile:
  6. Luv the speedy! Looks great on you.
  7. You and your speedy look gorgeous!!!!! The hubby and I are also fans of resident evil and we're going to watch it tonight! :smile: glad you liked it.. :smile:
  8. WOw! You look stunning with it! =)
  9. You rock this speedy! Is it new-the vachetta is so light still. I would love to have this bag in such good condition. Thanks for sharing:smile:
  10. I'm watching that movie tomorrow. Congrats on the HG bag, you look fab!
  11. nice..
  12. rocking it for sure!
  13. Yup the bag is new. I got it last week! I have a reveal of it on my YouTube channel in my signature if you want to see :smile:
  14. I've been dying to see that movie since I've seen the trailor on youtube like forever ago! Your speedy is to die for and yours makes me miss mine so much! I also love your youtube videos! Keep 'em coming!