a trip to LV, what to buy?!?!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm planning to make a trip to my local LV soon, before the price hike. I'm a broke student, and I recently sold my family's old sofa set (we bought a new one) for $350. I plan to add to that, if necessary, but I have no idea what I want to buy! There's so much stuff I want!

    Here's the little LV that I have:

    Monogram Speedy 25
    Mono Cles
    Monogram Wallet Organizer
    Damier Azur French Purse

    I really love Epi in Ivoire and Damier Azur, and I'm considering either an accessory or a Damier Azur speedy, although I'm not sure since I already have a speedy in Mono.
    But I'm also considering the trunks and bags pieces, I don't know if I love them as much, I do like them and since they're only offered for a limited time, I'm not sure.

    Looking back, I really wish I had gotten the French Purse in the Epi Ivoire so I could get the Koala in Damier Azur, I just love the hardware on those much more! But now I'm just so confused! I also don't love my Mono Wallet Organizer that much anymore and am thinking of giving it to my mom so I can get a Koala in Mono.

    So suggestions on what to get? I'm open to anything--wallets, cles, the mini pochette, possibly a bag (on the less expensive side), an agenda, and maybe even one of those miroir coin purses, even though I was just reading that they are virtually useless.

    PLEASE HELP I'm having a very indecisive moment and I've noticed that the Louis Vuitton tPFers are the best at this sort of thing!

    Sorry this post is so long!
  2. Go for the azur speedy or one of the heart coin purses!! They are so cute!!
  3. How about something light to add to your collection? I would suggest Pochette Accessoires in Azur.
  4. instead of a bag you could get a few accessories hehe
    i think the vernis cles is very cute! and the new ones are just SO adorable~
    a mini pochette wouldn't be bad also~ say.. a azul mini?
  5. i :heart::heart::heart: my azur speedy. i don't what it is, but there is something so elegant, yet casually chic about it. she is my current fave. looks so good when carried! since u like the azur, why not the speedy, pochette accessories, or mini pochette accessories?
  6. I would def. go with something Azur!
  7. I say go for something epi, maybe like the black lockit, it's so classic.
    Love it!:tup:
  8. Azur speedy 30 or pochette accessories!
  9. Get the Partenaire PM agenda - it is HOT! I just got one and loving it!
  10. I would save for an azur speedy:yes:
  11. Nothing wrong with having more than 1 Speedy.... I'll probably end up with 5 pretty soon!
  12. I vote for one of the new LE Vernis Cles
  13. I vote for something in Vernis since all the colors are seasonal. Pomme and Amarante are still around due to popularity, but they discontinue colors and bring in new colors constantly. I'm concerned about the price hike too.
  14. I think something light would be nice mix to your collection - Damier Azur Speedy or a nice Agenda book?
  15. I would definitely go for the azur speedy if you can afford it. It would be a great complement to your mono speedy, plus you already have the azur French purse to match.