A trip down memory lane...bad 80s makeup style!

  1. I found this article a while ago, and I thought I would post it. Some of pics are funny in a "what the heck were we thinking back then?" kind of way.

  2. What a great site, they certainly were not afraid of using bright colours all at once.
  3. LOL great pictures. Hideously great!
  4. moderation was apparently not chic in the 80s...
  5. love the "look fresh by painiting faux freckles on your cheeks"

    !!! :smile:
  6. ROTFLOL I remember seeing women with makeup like that! One girl applied at the store I worked at, and I swear she had eye makeup like Mimi!(from the tv show, Drew Carrey Show)
  7. UGH! When I went to cosmetology school rainbow eyes were huge. We even had a 'lesson' from Donna Mills-she had an instructional video-and she had the brightest shadow on Knots Landing! I was so glad to learn more subdued makeup Bobbie Brown style.
  8. ArmCandyLuvr: Thanks for posting the link to the pictures. I got a bit of a chuckle as well! The first 2 pictures remind me of the models in the Robert Palmer videos!

    Looking at all those photos, I can say that I can't remember anyone who didn't look like that at that time! :biggrin:
  9. Now, these acid-wash jackets are definitely in the "Hall of Fashion Shame" lol - the gigantic "football player" shoulder pads, the avalanche of sequins and fringes.
  10. brrr!!!
    hideous look!!
    have you seen those glasses?!?!:whistle:
  11. I used to match my eyeliner to my leg warmers:roflmfao:
  12. omg... sOOO hilarious!!

    i used to be so envious of girls who had lovely denim jackets .. bleh what a period that was..

    Oh.. and I just remembered being shocked a few days ago. For the first time in about 10-15 years, I saw a girl (about 18), wearing those hideous acid wash jeans~! In the new skinny leg style too!! AHH!!

    i went on an investigation and found out the brand Lee had made an acid wash version of their supatubes skinny jeans!!

    EW>> time NOT to return.
  13. Am I wrong for loving Claire Huxtable's make-up? I mean the trio eyeshadow- come on! That was banging! I also have a guilty pleasure for Dynasty. Joan Collins is a fashion shero. LONG LIVE LINDA EVANS!!!!! That is all for now.
  14. My biggest fashion statement during the 80's was a pair of neon lime green Reebok hi-tops... :P