A Trio of Trios!! Ooops, make that a Quartet of Triplets

  1. After loving and letting go my first three works (black, white, red) I have now settled into my color phase :love:

    Please meet the latest addition to my collection, Ms S/S 05 Teal Work:


    Special thanks to the sweetest gal for 'sharing' this treasure with me :heart:

    My collection is now a trio of trios:

    3 Works
    3 Cities
    3 Firsts


    3 Accessories :upsidedown:
  2. That teal is just beautiful! I hope to one day get a work size. Congrats on your huge familY!
  3. oh! all your works are stunning and ms. teal is no exception! You'll need to post family shots!! Please? And modeling pics too! The leather is bal perfection!

    But I can't believe you sold your black work! :crybaby:
  4. :drool: You are a tease! Can't we see them all? One big happy family? ;) However, I adore your new teal work :love:
  5. Wow, that teal work is amazing!! You have a nice collection! Enjoy her!
  6. she's gorgeous! you have fabulous taste - congrats!
  7. Your work is amazing - I love the color and the leather! What a lucky find .. Congratulations!
  8. So gorgeous!! Wow - teal is always beautiful, but I think that's probably one of the best pics I've seen!!
  9. Ooops!! Family shots!!

    A trio of Works (FW 05 Magenta, SS 05 Teal, FW 05 Choco)

  10. wow..i love that bag!! the leather's TDF!!

    must see family and modeling pics!! :drool:
  11. A trio of Firsts (Holiday 05 Pewter, SS 05 Apple, SS04 White):

  12. Holy macaroni! I just drooled all over myself when I saw that chocolate!
  13. A trio of Cities (FW 05 Black City, FW 05 Magenta City, FW 06 Rouille City)

  14. Last but not least, my every day Accessories (SS 05 Turq CP, FW 07 Tomato Money, FW 07 Violet MU):

  15. OMG, D, I LOVE your collection!!!!:love:

    Every single bag has fab leather, as always....seriously, you and I have such similar taste in leather:heart:

    Happy to see Ms Teal nesting together with your gorgy Magenta and Choco....Ummmm:drool: