A trick I learned while at the beach!

  1. Forgive me if this is old news or if someone had mentioned this before, but I went to the beach today with my kids and saw a lady there who was nice enough to teach me something new!

    We were coming back from the beach and my kids were SUPER sandy. Sand everywhere..on their hands, feet, tummy, back etc....blech..the dreaded time of having to try to get sand off before they get into the car. I hate that part about the beach.....:push:

    Anyways, this lady sees me brushing off my kids and asks if she can show me a trick. I said sure and she dug into her bag and took out some Johnson and Johnsons baby powder. She sprinkled baby powder on their hands and the sand practically slipped off of them! Easy as pie! :yahoo:So she said it was a trick she learned and that baby powder takes sand off easily. I learned something new today and wanted to share. You just sprinkle the baby powder on wherever you have the sand and then rub and it falls off.

    Note to self: NEVER go to the beach without the baby powder ever again! It is truly a lifesaver! I hope that this helps someone else this summer!:heart:
  2. wow cool! i never knew this. thanks for the advice!
  3. Wow...awesome advice!!!! It seems that after you come back from a vaca at the beach, you have sand EVERYWHERE for WEEKS...lol!!! This will def. help in a few weeks!!!!
  4. Wow, great tip, Thanks! I remember using baby powder when I was in college and would get a really bad sunburn. If you sprinkle it all over your sheets it doesn't hurt to lie down to sleep.
  5. Wow, great tip to know! I better put a container of baby powder in my bag too!
  6. that's great to know! I'm definitely packing the baby powder next time!
  7. Interesting. I'm going to try that! Thanks for posting.
  8. thanks no more sand in my shoes
  9. Thanks I'll have to try it. That is the worst getting back into the car all hot and sandy
  10. You learn something new everyday.
  11. Neat. The baby power probably soaks up the moisture that is keeping the sand stuck to you.
  12. Thanks for the tip
  13. And I thought the trick was going to be, if you sit next to the fatest person on the beach, you will look thinner :roflmfao:.

    Nice tip however! Will try this next time we go to the beach.
  14. Wow great tip! Thanks so much. I also hate that part of going to the beach. It's such a hassle to rub off ALL the sand on your body before climbing into the car. We always end up getting our car vacuumed after beach trips because there's just too much sand it :smile:

    Thank you so much for this tip! :amuse:
  15. Thank you soooo much!