A trick I just noticed about the pleated satchel

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  1. There really is no front or back on the outside of the bag. The little zip pocket inside is usually the back of the bag for me, but on this bag the leather on that side is a little less textured than on the actual front of the bag (I really like smoother leather!) so I just moved the hangtag and boom instant front of bag! It really doesnt matter what pocket is where on the inside, and I was able to fit all of my stuff in the two side pockets, so right now there is nothing in the kisslock section.
  2. Sounds like a real great bag.
  3. huh? i feel stupid, but i'm confused as to what your talking about donnalynn.... can u post pics? :confused1:
  4. Usually on a Coach leather bag, there is the word Coach stamped on what would be the front of the bag, or a seam of some sort that runs along the back - some way to identify front from back. As far as I can tell, there is nothing like that on this bag, and I prefer one side to the other so I'm using that side as the front. Just a dumb observation - you can tell I'm staring at this bag alot!!
  5. LOL... AHHHHH I got it now donnalynn... sorry temporary brain fart for me today! It is Monday ya know! ya gotta give me some time for it to register... LMAO! :roflmfao: