A tribute to Michael on TPF....Remembering Michael Jackson...

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  1. Post your favorite songs and thoughts on such a talented soul.....

    Mine are man in the mirror and they don't care about us, We'll miss you MJ
  2. P.Y.T.
    such an underestimated song..
  3. Will never forget seeing him live in Glasgow in 1992 .. we stayed out all night the night before & got right to the front .... I have never been to a show like it since.


    Fave songs ... too many to mention them all, but Will You Be There, Man In The Mirror, Speechless, Give In To Me, Liberian Girl, Keep The Faith, Gone Too Soon, She's Out Of My Life, They Dont Care About Us, You Are Not Alone, Unbreakable, You Rock My World, Human Nature ....

    .. I could go on forever ..

    Missing you Michael ... may you rest in peace ...


  4. There is a petition to have Michael buried at Neverland (like Elvis at Graceland). The state of CA does not allow burials on private property. Fans are trying to get an exception made for Michael

  5. I have so many wonderful memories of Michael Jackson, dating back to watching the Jacson Five cartoons and the Jackson Five performing on tv. I remember the first time I saw him moonwalk on the Motown anniversary special. Such amazing talent and gone way too soon. I've been listening to his music with new ears this week, and what I noticed that I never noticed before is his desire to entertain and make the listener happy.

    Rest in peace our King of Pop.
  6. How can I pick. Let's see PYT (my jam), Lady in my Life, Man in the Mirror, Remember the Time
  7. MJ hated Neverland. . . why would people want to bury him somewhere he publicly talked about hating?
    After the authorities searched Neverland he never went back, said it wasn't the same to him anymore. Hopefully his family does what's right for HIM, not his fans.

    Also, please join one of the other several MJ threads!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.