a trade help me out please !!

  1. a good friend of mine has suggested that we trade bags since she saw my 40cm etoupe togo. im so not sure because it would be 40cm for 40cm both in equal condition, brand new! the only thing is that the 40cm in question is a shadow birkin with navy denim i should tell you all that i love the shadow but i also love etoupe what would you do ?????? thank you for the help darlings. birkel
  2. Keep the etoupe! The grass is always greener on the other side, and you already know you love the bag you have.
  3. I would go for the shadow only because it is so unique. However, if you are a more "classic" dresser it may be too funky. It seems people either love or hate the shadow so it is personal taste. On that note I had to 'google' a picture to see a denim shadow is this the one?? Sorry it is a bad screen shot!
    Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 9.51.59 PM.png
  4. Birkel, If it were me would keep the etoupe. That makes sense from my perspective, since etoupe's my favorite H color of all time.

    Keep or trade the bag you love the best. You have a significant collection, so having a shadow birkin may make sense.

    Take a look at your bags. Would this bag fill a gap that you have? Would the etoupe leave a hole in your collection.

    The shadow is a difficult bag to find, too. So factor that into the equation

    Best of luck with your decision!!!
  5. IMO I feel as the shadow demin B looks a little tasteless and tacky. Sure it's different, but I don't feel it's for the better. Please keep that etoupe togo. That's just me, of course, but do what feels best in your eyes. :love:
  6. My vote goes for the Etoupe
  7. Another vote for the etoupe! :tup:
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    thank you all darling boston birkin thats the bag but the denim is a darker shade almost the same color as the leather it is interesting and in all honesty i always thought of the shadow as an interesting rather unique bag this is a powerful factor here. and they are both neutral colors. so i just really cant make up my mind i keep thinking i can always buy etoupe again later or etain but..... this bag is rather odd its just my etoupe is actually one of those very well built bags the leather is very nice and the bag is one of those very well accomplished bags but the shadow is also very interestingand in its way beautiful so you can see my problem. but thank you all and ill wait out for some more responses and let you know.
  9. Same tone on tone color ---> :tup:trade:tup:
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    yes darling its monochromatic and its rather chic looking on me since its structured i mean it looks rather sculpture like modern art in a way and because of my frame and high heels it does look interesting .

    plus i dont know how many were made but its probably less than the etoupe phw birkins
  11. I agree with etoupebirkin that you should look at your entire collection and see which bag fills a void. If it were me, I would probably trade for the shadow birkin because 1) it's unique, beautiful and very hard to find, 2) I happen to have other H bags that are similar in color to etoupe (etain, Gris T, and Argile), 3) in terms of dark tone colored bags, I only have black and indigo, 4) if after the trade I was still missing the original etoupe birkin, I can always get another since it will be easier to find, and 5) I am generally looking for more "special" bags these days as I have a pretty good size collection already and am just looking for pieces where the bag would be more distinct rather than just another birkin or kelly. Good luck on your decision.
  12. Yes! I prefer monochromatic - chic/unisex/androgynous in a good way - am quite taken with this design!
    H should continue this translation, there are quite a few collectors who would love this spec in place of the whitebus:p

    That(leather&denim) was the second generation shadow - limited edition!

  13. ^birkel, if it looks chic on you as mentioned, Shadow Denim Cabas is whispering to you, "Take me home".:amuse:

    My personal opinion is you should only let go of bags that you don't use or love anymore. In this case, you love Etoupe 40B a lot. Yet, at the same time, you're tempted with the new bag. So, I think you need to re-look and see which piece of item you :heart: more.
    Like a case of which cute guy you like more. Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise?:p

    If it were me, I'd bring home the Shadow Denim Cabas 40 because I feel you prefer unique bags and this is one of those.:flowers:

    Jamie Chua
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  14. Personally, I like your Etoupe rather than the Shadow. I know that the Shadow Birkin is more unique and rare, then it will really depends on personal preference.
    Put it this way, if you have both the Etoupe B and Shadow B and have to let go one of them, which one will it be? That's your answer. :smile:
  15. iffah so helpful darling i looove you !!!!!! all of you are so helpful oooooo i sooo dont know ill sleep on it and report back asap thankyou thankyou !!!!!!!!!!!!