A "TPF Awards Show" ??

  1. So I had this thought the other day...what happens if we had a TPF Awards show?:tup:

    We could have categories like "most quirky poster" or "best all-around advice" or "best cheerer-upper" and other categories that involve best bag collections, etc.

    I think it would be fun!:yes::p

    ****this idea has been brought to you by Pepsi****

  2. That would be fun! We have thousands of members!!
  3. Awww that would be neat!!! We could have nominations and then a poll LOL
  4. Someone actually posted this type of thread..Let me see if I can find it.....
  5. If we had an award show I would win all of the awards and there would be no more awards left for anyone else, now how fair would that be?
  6. That would be fun! I would be willing to help organizing it....let me know!
  7. hmmm...i realize i might get flamed for this, but i think the last thing TPF needs is a popularity contest ...I can already see the drama developing over the "Best Bag Collection" award...:ninja:
  8. I think it would be sooo fun! But I think it would cause somewhat of a drama maybe.
  9. I'd love to see this!! And drama is only brought on by those who choose for it to...so participate at your own risk! :yes:
  10. Lol!
  11. i think twinkle tink and twiggers would be up one on one for best cheer-er upper with these RAOK and sunshines!
  12. YEP!! I know what you mean!!:bagslap:

  13. I don't think there will be drama. I just think it would be really fun!
  14. Drama? This isn't high school anymore! C'mon.....

    Mary: I'd be willing to help too....it could be fun LOL
  15. I think this would be a lot of fun. Let me know if you need help, mary!