A Toyota Camry or a VW Jetta?

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  1. I'm about to get a new car(:yahoo:) and right now am pretty torn between a new camry or a new jetta. If anybody would like to contribute their two cents that would be appreciated:yes:. Also, if you are a owner(or former owner) of either one of those cars, please do share your experiences.
  2. If you only care about a car getting you from point A to point B, get the Camry. The Camry would be completely reliable to the point that it can be confused with owning a stove or a refrigerator. It's ugly a sin to me, as well.

    I'd go with the Jetta...hands down. Go drive both and you'll see why.
  3. I've been eyeing the new Camrys very closely myself, and I'm even thinking about stepping up to one and trading in my old Corolla. I've never owned a Camry, but both of my parents did and I've driven theirs extensively in the past. They are very well made and reliable cars. They're roomy on the inside, and very comfortable. They're also quite attractive--they look almost like a similarly styled Lexus (which might be either a selling point or a deterrent). Eventually my mom traded hers in for an Avalon and my dad now primarily drives a Tundra, but while they drove their Camrys they didn't have ANY with them. Camrys get excellent gas mileage, too. My dad's new 15 MPG Tundra frequently gets left in the driveway when he wants to conserve gas. It's on those days that he drives his Camry, which is probably a good ten or twelve years old by now.

    The only thing that might keep me from actually buying a Camry is the fact that they're everywhere (I tend to want to be quite a bit different from the "crowd"). You see hundreds of them every day, from various years, because they're so well made that people can drive them forever and ever.

    I've never driven a Jetta or even known anyone who owned one, so I unfortunately I don't have much to offer there. However, I think that if you ever had to have your car serviced for some reason, it would be easier and less expensive to have a Camry taken care of as opposed to a Jetta. The same goes for parts and replacement in the event something should be necessary.

    Hope this helps!
  4. I have a Jetta and I love it... but it is MUCH smaller than a Camry. The Camry you can use the back seat, since I rarely need to use the back seat, it is not an issue for me. If you'll need to seat people in the back, the Camry is a better option. My mom has a Camry and has been very happy with hers.
  5. Camery! I actually think the new Camery is hot. Also, it's VERY reliable. You won't regret it!
  6. camry. i had one and loved it. imo- the style is a very personal choice but the ride of the camry is better. better shocks and suspension. and resell value is better.
  7. I think you need to test-drive them both and do some research on Consumer Reports. VW notoriously has bad ratings, but has been getting better. Toyota who's always been very reliable has gone down a bit lately. So before you jump in, think with your head and not just your heart.
    But then your heart has to have a say too....:heart:
  8. I would definitely go with the Camry. My mom had when I was in High School and it was extremely reliable and very comfortable. Toyotas hold their value better and are very easy to maintain.
  9. camry for sure! I don't know where caxe is from where there are many camrys, I live in CT and every other car is a VW Jetta.
  10. Camry, it's really nice :yes:
  11. vw is more stylish, although i think camry is probably more reliable. guess you gotta go with your own needs. i think i'd choose the vw if it came with a good maintenance program.
  12. I actually just purchased a 2007 Camry SE and I love it. My girlfriend bought a Jetta 6 months ago and she's already had a couple of problems with it, i think that VW are notorios for having a hefty maintenance bill.

    Anyway, like I said before I love my car so my vote is for the Camry.
  13. VWs have notoriously bad maintenance issues, i had many friends in high school that were gifted with them upon graduation and curse them daily. most say now that they'd go with something different given another choice. i, on the other hand, was gifted with a beautiful, brand new Toyota 4Runner that has required nothing but regular maintenance in the three years that i've had it. i've never driven a camry myself, but i know several people in college that have them from a variety of model years and they seem comfortable and reliable like my 4Runner. toyotas are easy to resell and keep their value pretty well, plus it's very easy to find people who can service them since they're such common cars.

    i find the redesigned camrys quite attractive, and i like the type of paint that toyota uses. my boss is actually getting ready to buy a brand new one and he's quite excited about it.
  14. Jetta!
  15. This:

    Over this???

    The Camry looks like a bubble factory somehow puked out a car. The Jetta is clean and sleek. Arguably, the New Jetta is more mainstream than previous iterations, but still, to me, MUCH better than the Blandry...I mean, Camry
    And yes, the ride in a Camry is better, if you want a unresponsive, floaty ride. If you're looking for any sort of sporty handling, def go with the Jetta. I will admit, the Sport Pkg Camry is a huge improvement over stock.

    Here's a review of the Jetta:

    Here's one for the Camry...where it comes in fifth place, behind a Kia and a Saturn:

    This quote sums a Camry up perfectly: "No question, mainstream sells, and compared with the Camry, hotcakes sell like square tires. But in seeking the widest possible audience, this new blunt-nose Camry loses ours. Its steering wheel passed through our hands without leaving an impression. Its handling — rolling, floppy, understeer always ready to douse any rising red mist — elicits no emotion other than jejune boredom. It is A to B boiled down to ones and zeros."