A Tough Decision Day..Ergo's Have to Go...EEEEEEK

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  1. I had to decide on the last day of the PCE to return or keep the Camel large hobo or the Black large hobo..or EEEEK both, for they both had the discount on them. I spread all of my purse on my bed and examined every one. It looked like a store, so embarrassing. I had...the pink hip bag and wristlet, the signature shoulder legacy zip in khaki and Espresso and the wristlet, (my anniversary present from DH), the Whiskey zip, French wallet, striped wristlet, white patent wristlet. The straw legacy gold and straw from last summer and a brown pebble tote and wristlet from the outlet, a white pleated hobo , outlet find.. plus from the Pce Event the 2 Ergos tan and black that I really must part with. I decided to get the 10338 Ali type signature shoulder bag. I had that in Whiskey too. Absolutely crazy to have so many bags the same. Signature espresso and the whiskey leather. I have to get some cash back so I have to bring back the Ergo's and lose the 25% ,for I think I will bring them back to the outlet. I am most embarassed to bring them back to the store after all the trouble they went through to get them for me. On me, and I am not small 5'4 125 lbs. , they look so very huge. Just not me. Oh well, easy come easy go....Wonder if anyone else returned what they thought they loved at the buying frenzy moment of the PCE????
  2. :push: I can relate!

    I am totally freaking out right now!! I went in today to return my large ergo hobo in white (just too big!). I ended up leaving with a order for three more bags!


    [​IMG]in White

    [​IMG]in Pond

    I am so disgusted with myself right now. How did I get so sucked in? :nuts:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one that will be returning a bag or two back to the store with my head bowed down!!
  3. Dear Lynn:


    I too bought alot of stuff at the PCE. I purchased 14 items and four are going back. I don't need two cross body bags so I am returning the black one. I also ordered the Ergo Signature wallet and wristlet and I really do not like them (I don't really like signature). It's a shame that Coach did not make an all Leather one. I don't think I have been too bad as I am keeping ten items. Six of my items were for friends who purchased the items through me. Four are my own. I may still return one more item but have not decided yet>

    If you don't truly love your bags your should return them. Coach may come out with something that you like later down the road. I think you should have gotten the smaller Ergo Hobo. That size would have been good for you. I love the large one but then I will carry my knitting in it so it is perfect for my needs.

  4. haha woah you guys are nuts! :smile: i wish i could buy massive items like that!!!!

    i only ordred the Blue large tote but now i kind of wish i had ordered the camel reg sized hobo :sad:

    haha Becca you are so funny return one buy 3 ;)

    I love the pond tho that bag is SOO cute
    and the legacy stripped one looks awsome too
  5. Ditto!
    The totes are suppose to be BIG! Carry your shopping loot in them! I have the XL Ergo . . . I said to my husband "it's BIG huh?" he said,"ya, you can put your purse in it!" (exactly!!!!!)
  6. when i said NUTS that you guys are nuts of course i mean that in a good way haha not trying to be insulting!! just in case it came out wrong

    and ENTHEOS WHAT DO YOU USE THE xl ERGO FOR??!? I feel like a small child could fit in that bag! :smile:
    hehe thats funny a purse for your purse ;)
  7. Well, I am sure that I am doing the right thing Liz, these pce events are made to entice us and I am sure, the SA's know we are going to buy and return but keep buying. I thought the smaller ergo was too small. Like Golilocks the big was too big and the small was too small and just right one was the signature espresso Ali flap and the whiskey... just right...lol...14, wow, let me see, wallet, legacy zip, Ali and whiskey flap shoulder bags.. and the 2 hobos..6 new things 2 back..and not much good control. Sorry to hear that there is a denim coming out...and another kind of tote...hmmmmmm....I don't want to hear it..closing my ears...right now....lol:heart:
  8. HMMMMM a bag that you can fit another bag in Interesting concept. We don't really buy massive items ..we take them home and try them on for a few days and take them back and then spend more money on other bags...lol
  9. Now only I could do that...congrats...nice stuff. I thought the ergo hobo was too big too..so three is better. lol
  10. I don't mean to be insulting either. I just know that it's easy to get caught up in the euphoria of it all. There are so many choices!

    I bought the XL Ergo for traveling purposes, toting around all the extras for myself and 3 young girls. I live in the country, we take occasional trips to the "city" to stock up which takes an entire day. Like the pioneers used to in the old days!
  11. It is really hard to have self control for these events. I did purchase alot of stuff for friends as well as I wanted to share my good fortune. I will probably keep four Items. I also purchased the smaller Maude Vintage tote No. 11011 in vacheta leather which is the smaller version of the one Entheos and Cha-Cha bought. It costs $548 and is the same size as the Ergo Tote No. 10744.I am sure that I will love it. So for this event I purchased:

    Ergo Turquoise Hobo
    Ergo Maude Small Vintage Tote
    Ergo Cross Body Camel
    Ergo Medium Hobo in White

    Suffice it to say that I am done for this PCE. I want to save some money for the next one!!!!!
  12. :flowers: Rainbow - You'll definately know what the right decision is to do for yourself. It will be tough right now, but if you're not going to use something or don't feel good about it - take it back... You'll feel WORLDS better in the end...

    I recently began a closet "purge", and deleted some things that I loved and just wanted to "hang on to"... but it wasn't practical to have things I am not using... I feel better already! I hope you do in the end as well!! :smile:
  13. I'll never get a PCE card, I just don't shop enough at a store. But I did accumulate enough pieces through Coach.com totaling 1k of "investment" which I returned and it funded the XL Ergo. I feel settled now, I'll eventually get a nice colorful wallet to go with my Ergo. I have great classic substantial pieces that suit my lifestyle.
  14. I am fine too with my decision and then...Good very glad you found out just what you wanted and needed!!!!
  15. I am fine with my decisions to return. I may decide to keep only one whiskey bag..the whiskey zip or the whiskey slim flap lighter than the Ali, but still heavy and the signature zip or the ali signature slim one in espresso...hmmmmmm , but I better keep away from that mall for I saw a bag on a girl..lets say she was blonde, tan, tall and wearing gold and white...and had a signature C blue and khaki studded hobo with gold tassels from maybe last winter. Of course she looked wonderful. Being near the Coach store, I called distribution for the number of the bag..they told me, said they had 1000, could you believe it..the store was totally sold out and the store computer could not pull it up at all the BL and the serial number. So, I could NOT buy it and get the discount, Nada....lol..a very good stroke of luck...darn...