A tough challenge for bag experts

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    Okay bag experts, you guys are good but let's see how really good you are. I have a tough challenge for you. :shrugs:

    How many of you saw the last James Bond flick "Casino Royale"? If you have, how many of you noticed the black handbag that Eva Green (aka Vesper Lynd) carried in her opening scene on the train with Bond? I can't find pics of the darn thing, which makes this such a tough challenge. It was a gorgeous, chic black bag which looked even better next to the gorgeous black suit she wore. Any pics would be welcome and an ID would be great. No prizes but you do get bragging rights as a true bag hag. :tup:

    This is as close I've come to finding pics of it

  2. I loved Casino Royale, but I have no clue about the bag! The bag is beautiful!! I will search the internet for it ;)
  3. i was too distracted by daniel craig to notice!
  4. ^ :graucho:
  5. Yes, Daniel Craig was very distracting especially those arms :drool:...but in true bag hag fashion, I managed to say "ooh, nice bag" before returning to DC.
  6. This seems like the best picture of the bag (usually it's tucked underneath her arm):