a tornado in new jersey...like minutes away practically..

  1. i hope everyone is alright in this area!! here i am thinking today wow today is a day of tremendous creative energy, because i just knocked down a wall in my writers block, then me irritated i have to work till nine, then somehow some little white plastic piece is lost in the dentist office, all fingers point to me, and next thing i know im stuffing my face down the garbage bags. on my break i see a sign that last time said "FIRE WORKS ARE ILLEGAL. HAVE A SAFE FOURTH OF JULY". today it said "TORNADO WARNING TILL 8" and i scoffed at that, not listening to the news. then im coming home and i hear from the radio about this. im shocked but its in the back of my mind as i make dinner and watch this stupid spring break shark attack movie since my movie channels arent working through fingers blocking out the missing limbs and such. then i tune into the news and i see this.

    puts everything in perspective doesnt it? here i am irritated that im looking for a plastic thing in garbage and people are kissing the ground for their lives..

    i really hope everyone around here is okay, and people that you might know that live around here are okay as well.
  2. what area is the tornado at?
  3. sleepy hollow, hawthorne, it seemd to jump from the hudson river to there. no one died, but there have been injuries. warning is still in effect. its now also moving its way to connecticut.
  4. I was driving from CT today around 2pm and, let me tell you, I have NEVER seen what I saw on the roads today!!!! First of all, the wind was VERY strong + heavy rain, I could BARELY see anything in front of me. I got so nervous that I pulled over to the shoulder (I've driven in heavy rain before but nothing like what I saw today). A few minutes later, since I was running late, I decided to start driving again. I saw about a few dozen of cars on the shoulder in just a couple of miles of driving. That's how bad it was!!!! Then at one point (I was on I-287), I saw a HUGE fountain of water pumping on the ground. I had no idea where it was coming from! But it looked so unsafe!!!

    I was so happy to get home alive! And I had no idea about the tornado! I just thought it was another storm.

    The actual tornado was about 20 minutes away from where I live. SCARY!!!!!

    I hope everyone is ok!!!
  5. glad to hear that you got through that.:yes:
  6. Thank you!
  7. Aarti and likeafeather77, glad both of you are OK
  8. I'm glad that everyone is okay!

    I'm in Connecticut, and yesterday it was pouring and thundering- our power went out for about 10 minutes and then flickered a few times after that- I had no idea that it was the outskirts of a tornado!

    My dad said that on the highway, no one even drove- they just pulled over because no one could see! That's insane!