A TON of makeup / beauty questions: HELP A CLUELESS GIRL!!!

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  1. Maybe I'm just feeling frumpy, frustrated with myself and just plain ugly...I dunno. After having the baby, I never really got back into the "doing hair" & dressing pretty stuff, but now that spring is (hopefully) not THAT far away, I'd like to start getting pretty again for myself - not for anybody else :smile:

    So...I have a ton of questions!!

    The Face

    I use Clinique's 3 Step Skin Care system and it works great for me. I wash my face with the system every morning and (when I remember...:shame:smile: I wash it at night also. My skin is pretty good, a bit bumpy but no big zits.

    I'd like to start wearing makeup, but I'm unsure of where to start. I guess I'd start with a foundation or powder?? I've got oily skin that can be prone to breakouts if I put a lot of gunk on it. I've heard good things about MINERAL powder...How it's better for the skin than other powders that contain preservatives and fragrances. After looking around Douglas (equiv. to Sephora) I noticed that Mineral powders are outrageously expensive and I'm not sure I want to give out that much money right now. I saw that Loreal came out with a mineral powder called L'oreal Bare Naturale Powdered Mineral Foundation that is in my price range. Does anyone have any experience with this?? How is it??

    Also...is blush necessary or was that left back in the 90s?? lol

    The EYES

    I would say I have normal length eyelashes. Not long enough to make me look like a Camel and not short enough that they're nonexistant. I think my left eye is nicer than my right :sad: On the left eye, the lashes separate nicely (especially on the bottom!) when I use an eyelash comb, but on the right eye they just kinda of seem to clump together and go every which way direction. How can I get my right eye to be as nice as my left??? I am at Uni right now, but I can take a picture when I get home in case you don't know what I'm talking about, rofl!

    Also, what mascara would you recommend? I currently have a Chanel one at home (I don't know which, it came free with my Cosmo, rofl!!) that is ok, but it makes my eyelashes clump...Maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

    Also...I have an eyelash curler...It works well, but I think I'm doing it wrong, since (at least) one eyelash always looks bent...then I get frustated, get the curl out and just go without curling them, rofl!!


    Any tips when looking for eyeshaddow?? Purples look best on my eyes :smile:

    Eyeliner:Is this necessary?? I have a feeling that if I don't put eyeliner on, that my face will look very blah...But, I dunno. Maybe if I wear mascara and a lipgloss / lipstick it will be enough??


    OK! That's pretty much all of the questions that I have. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say! rofl :heart:
  2. Ok for face..
    I love my mineral foundation. Drugstore brands are generally a miss as there is so much junk in it. BE is pretty expensive, but lasts a while. If you are comfortable with ordering online you may want to try Meow Cosmetics and Everyday Minerals. Both very affordable (and better than BE IMO)

    I only recently got into using blush. Just that little bit of color adds a nice pop/glow to my face. Dark and neon bright blush went out in the 90s lol.

    Eyelashes: I love toofaced lash injection.
    No one is completely symmetrical. Let me just tell you how one of my eyebrows is higher than the other.. :graucho:

    For your curler, try doing it in "3s": Roots, middle, end, to get a nice even curl.

    Eyeshadow: Have fun!! With my brown hair/brown eyes I stick to purple, brown, green, gold, and pink.

    Eyeliner: I have big brown eyes which are my favorite feature and I love just making them pop. For my "I woke up 3 min before class" look, Masacara and lipgloss is perfect to make me look like I didn't just wake up!

    Hope that helped.. have to go get ready for my interview now!
  3. Hi lamiastella! That is a lot of questions and although I'm not a makeup expert, I will try my best... :p

    For the face
    I would suggest incorporating an exfoliating scrub once a week into your regiment. It will help even out your skin tone and help minimize the bumps. I use Fresh sugar scrub. It's not too harsh on the face at all (I have oily and sensitive skin). [​IMG]
    As for foundation, I use Armani Silk (liquid foundation). Haven't tried the mineral makeup yet, so can't give you any suggestions. I do like the Armani line, and everything stays put even after I blot throughout the day. :yes:

    I do use a blush at times--Nars Orgasm! It's not too pink and compliments all skin tones. Benefit Dandelion is a pinker blush and looks great on in the summer.

    For the eyes
    I'm scared of eyeshadows :shame:. I'm always scared too much will make my eyes look bruised (I'm Asian). So, I use pencil eyeliner (Givenchy makes good/inexpensive ones) in dark brown, and then mascara and presto. I highly recommend using an eyelash curler (Shu Uemura makes a great one! It curls even the most stubborn lashes.) Just hold the curler down for 7-8 seconds each without pressing too hard and you should be good to go. As for mascara, I use DiorShow (doesn't clump at all) and apply 2 swipes per eye. L'oreal also makes pretty good mascaras as well, but I've been sticking to DiorShow because it makes my lashes look fuller.

    I would say definitely line your eyes and then use mascara. I think it will give your eyes a more defined look than just mascara alone IMO.

    Btw, it's completely normal to have one eye better than the other. I totally think my left eye is just a bit smaller than my right for some reason. You can remedy that by the way you line your eyes.

    For a quick outing to the market or when I'm just feeling lazy... I just use eyeliner, mascara, and put on my favorite lip gloss. Takes 2 minutes and I'm ready.

    Hope this helps!!
  4. If you really want to try mineral foundation, try Everyday Mineral's trial size which is like $5.00 shipped. :smile: There are a lot of "finishes" you can chose from. You can mix them also for the perfect color.

    You can also rely on a tinted moisturizer (rec - Tarte SPF 20 Smooth Operator) with an SPF for lightweight coverage.

    One really popular blush is Nars Orgasm, which is sparkly, peachy, and perfect for almost any complexion. :smile: You can also try Tarte cheek stains which are also very popular blushes.
  5. I know nothing about make-up!

    But since you like Clinique, you should use the gel moisterizer, it's especially for oily skin.
  6. For skin care try Dermalogica, it is the very best stuff I have ever used. I love it. You can order it online, Its alittle costy but well worth it. You have to have a good healthy surface to work with.

    For Make-up im just as lost as you are.

    I bought a Shu-umbra(sp?) lash curler last year and it was my very best investment, its wonderful, i never knew an eye lash curler could make such a difference but this one does.

    I love the Chanel mascarra (I wear it every day) so maybe a nice curler would do the trick, then try the mascarra again.

  7. Hi lamia!

    Face: You cleasning regimine sounds like it's working for you so I would keep it.
    I use the L'Oreal mineral makeup and LOVE! it. I also have oily skin.
    It's nice to use a light pink blush just on the apples of your cheeks--nothing too dark or orange.

    Eyes: I'm a busy mom too and on most days i do my foundation and blush and mascara and lip gloss. If I go out at night or for a special occasion I will wear more eye makeup. It's fun to experiment and see what looks best on you and what will work for you.
  8. I've tried the L'oreal mineral foundation you mentioned, it's alright :flowers: I couldn't find a shade that matches mine perfectly, though, so I started mixing it with some BE, but it ended up making me itch and break out so I've stopped using it. Another poster said that BE also made her itch, and that it can cause cystic acne, so I def. wont use it again, even though I like how it looks on my skin. I've ordered Everyday Minerals foundation from www.everydayminerals.com , and I'm hoping that it wont make me break out like BE did. Everyday Minerals is pretty inexpensive (especially if you chose products in a kit!) and you can also order a free sample kit to determine which shade will suit you best :flowers:

    For mascara, I like (waterproof) DiorShow, but not everyone likes it. I've also heard good things about a particular Chanel mascara (there's a thread on it here somewhere, I cannot remember the name exactly) but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. You can find great tutorials on how to apply eyeshadow on youtube, I think a few were posted in a thread here just yesterday (if my memory serves me correctly) If you want tips on how to do your hair, you can also find great tutorials on youtube :flowers:
  9. You guys are fantastic!!! :heart: Thank you all :biggrin:

    I'm going to start experimenting and trying out new things. I'm also getting my hair cut (FINALLY!!! Maybe this is why I feel ugly...lol) on Saturday :biggrin:
  10. I use Chanel Imitable mascara. It's the best I've tried. It makes your lashed look long and pretty but not clumpy.

    For face I love Estee Lauder Aero Matte foundation...it costs a little more but if your going to invest a little more in one thing it should be foundation, because that is the base for all your other makeup.

    I think liner is fine for day...I found a great one at sephora for 8 bucks! It's called Sehpora Flashy Liner and it comes in a bunch of pretty colors and is waterproof.
  11. i forgot to mention my favorite mascara is L'Oreal Voluminous. And for lip gloss L'Oreal juicy tubes and Rimmel jelly?? are really sheer and pretty. I also love mark lip gloss in pink crush.
    Have fun!
  12. Face: I tried mineral foundation, but I don't like it. I also hate liquid foundation. My happy medium is MAC Studio Fix. It's a powder foundation that has great buildable coverage.

    Eyes: I don't use eyeshadow, instead I use black eyeliner and smudge it. MAC makes a good waterproof eyeliner that isn't expensive and will stay put throughout the day. I use Estee Lauder mascara on the top lashes and the outer bottom lashes.

    Cheeks: I use a peach blush because I'm medium toned and it looks subtle but gives my cheekbones a pop.

    Lips: I occasionally use MAC lipglass, but it's like glue on your lips so I don't recommend it. I like Dior Addict gloss better because it doesn't have that heavy feel, and has great pigment.

    My one bit of advice is not to use shimmery products in the day because people will be able to tell you have makeup on. You want to look natural during the day, so I would go for a matte look.