A tokidoki collection :)

  1. I'm starting to get the idea that I am indeed obsessed.
    But def. not finished collecting !!

    I use every purse here- the names are listed below.
    In the other pic i have 3 t-shirts, a hoodie, the bombing birdie earrings, and an adios star necklace.

    Thanks for looking :smile:
    toki1.jpg toki2.jpg
  2. great bags!!!
  3. Such a fun collection!!
  4. Cute collection!
  5. i'm beginning to luv tokidoki too!!
  6. Very cute Tokis!
  7. your collection is soooo cute!!!!
  8. LOVE the prints! Cute collection!
  9. Cute collection
  10. That's a lot of bags! Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing
  11. Cute tokidoki collection!
  12. fun collection
  13. not my type tbh..:smile:
  14. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!
  15. love your collection!