A toilet trained cat!

  1. Too bad it didn't flush :p
  2. LOL! ok wow! how on earth do you train your cat to do that???
  3. Poor kitties we invade their privacy and laugh so hard! There's a kit and a book out there in a website CitiKitty - Complete Cat Toilet Training Kit for the training. I haven't bought it yet since I'm "expecting" my new Himmy (Rio) to arrive next monday. But I'm sure I will teach him how to use it!
  4. Loool wonder how hard it is to teach them
  5. that would be so awesome. i wish i could train my cat.
  6. Hilarious!! I have since forced my daughter, son and husband to view that video and it still cracks me up! ( you'd think I would have graduated beyond "toilet humour" at my age!)
    Or maybe I just love that video because I'm partial to Siamese and believe they are the most intellegent of all cats breeds! Once again, I think I may be slightly biased.....!
  7. my parents toilet trained one of their cats to do that before they had children. i don't know how they did it, but they did it!
  8. I've heard that cats can be trained to do this--quite amazing!!!
  9. Hey-- what about dogs?
    Remember the dog Sam from Bruce Almighty?? hehe!
  10. I have a friend who trained his cat to use the potty. It was really annoying because when us humans were at his house and had to go to the bathroom we had to take the pan out of the toilet before we could go. Apparentely you put some litter pan in the toilet at first to get them started.
  11. Reminds me of Meet the Fockers! :roflmfao:
  12. Cool! But I'm too afraid she'd fall in the toilet! :push:
  13. hum....i wish my dog can do this, but i doubt she can balance her butterball body on the seat w/o fall in the water.....