A tips to ease the PAIN of wearing heels?

  1. I, like any other girl, love my HEELS!! I have three pair of 4 in heels and every time I wear them my feet become red and start to really hurt! Any tips to help ease the foot pain? Giving up my CL yoyo, burgees, and LV saitn pleated pumps is NOT an option! TIA
  2. IMO what really helps are Scholl's party feet which are like little gel pillows that you put into your shoes. They help a lot and you can put them in any shoe. Here they're available in any supermarket or drugstore.
  3. Also it helps to practise. Over time the foot will become more acustomed to it.
  4. Keep a couple of soft-drink cans in the fridge and when you get home roll your feet over them for a while (backwards and forwards) - it'll cool them and give them a little massage.
  5. Try putting Insolia inserts in your shoes. It's supposed to shift the weight to the heel of your foot and take the pressure of the ball of your foot (and stop your toes from being all smashed up in there). I think they have a website. insolia.com or something? I get them at CVS pharmacy.
  6. are these clear?
    and are they easy to remove ?
  7. yes, they are clear and easy to remove. positioning them takes practice but once you have it down, they're really great. they work for me!
  8. put in some gel patches. they have heel, toe or entire foot, makes heels more comfortable.
  9. I have what I call my "recovery" shoes. After a long night in a pair of heels the next day I wear comfy shoes like Dr. Scholls, Uggs or flip flops. They help prepare your feet for the next time you wear heels again.
  10. I recommend Vicotin or a few stiff drinks

    LOL :smile:

  11. I have those too and they help so much! for some pairs though, you may need to size up. otherwise they just feel too tight.
  12. i dont wear heels that much and when i do thier like 2 1/2 in heel and thats once in a while due to a bunion on foot. how the heck do you girls do it wear 4 inch heels ???
    doesnt it hurt ?
    i havent worn shoes that high just wanted to know

  13. ROLF - the only trully proven remedies for any pain
  14. I bought a pair of Chloe Edith flat moccassins, I wore it once about few months ago, and never want to wear it anymore since it was an awful experience.:sweatdrop: It's the perfect size for me, however there are some very thick beige color threads inside the shoes, I point it out in the pic ( stole the pic from eBay). Those threads really make my last toes feel hurt, it is right on the last toe nail. Anyone could give me some suggestion on how to wear this pair of shoes? I tried to put a clear tape to cover the threads, but it doesn't really work that well. Please help! I really don't want to waste this pair of shoes on letting it sit in the shoes rack. :s chloe.jpg

  15. First of all, let me make it plain that I realize that I am such an unrecontructed, unapologetic, dyed in the wool anti-high heel extremist that have no business posting in this thread whatsoever, as the Original poster has courteously made plain that she does not wish to hear "don't wear them."

    However, my fingers are in one of those ornery and unstoppable moods today, and they feel duty-bound to address anyone who might need to hear it.

    Listen to your body. Pain exists for a reason, and that reason is to tell us that something is WRONG. Wearing shoes that hurt your feet can not only cause you to spend a lot of time in pain, they can actually damage your feet, and even your back.

    I would have been just as annoying had I lived in 18th century China.