A *Tiny* Little PCE Birthday for Me!

  1. Remember I got my PCE card on my birthday, 4 days before the end of the event and had no money? Ha, you girls convinced me to get a LITTLE sumpin sumpin ;) I also figured I may never get a PCE invite ever again so I bought:



    Ooooops :graucho:
  2. GORGEOUS! See, you can always scrounge up some cash when it comes to Coach! I'm famous for that...I won't eat for a week because I used my money to buy something little.
  3. Nice, and Happy B-Day!:tup:
  4. Love it!! Happy birthday!! :smile:
  5. Aww those are adorable! Congrats & happy belated birthday!
  6. LOL well it wasn't that I had NO money, just not enough for a major purchase and you just assume PCE should be used for things like that! So then I decided, I may as well get the scarf at least since it's on my wishlist. The keyfob? Had no idea that even EXISTED until someone else bought it! Thanks to whoever that was that unconsciously enabled me, lol!
  7. Cute I love the scarf. That one is next on my list...

    Congrats and happy birthday!
  8. That keyfob will be mine!!

    Very cute.....and happy birthday!!
  9. LOVE IT!!! Soooooo cute - both items!
    Will you please tell me the price and style # of the Legacy Key Fob?
    Thank you!
  10. Excellent choices!!! You'll LOVE using them:yes:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
  11. Love, love, love the keychain. Too cute!
  12. I love the keyfob! How cute. I have the scarf and it is my favorite scarf. Congrats.
  13. Cute key ring!
  14. Very nice!! I don't even see that keyring on the website.
  15. Oooo..I love them! Happy Birthday & Congrats!