A Tiny Hermes Item...

  1. Hoping all you Hermes ladies can help me... I'm looking for cardcase to hold my business cards, I'm not an Hermes expert but I really like their small leather goods... any recommendations and idea of prices? Thanks!:tender:
  2. Well, for business cards (and CCs), a Thill case is nice. There are several variations.
  3. I don't have any suggestions but they do have lots of lovely small items - I wanted to say welcome though! Do you have a store nearby for you to look? Otherwise a phonecall is easy and they will ship small items...
  4. Cakelover welcome! LOVE THAT AVATAR!!! I am a serious baker.
  5. cakelover I have a business card holder that I absolutely LOVE. It's great since there are two compartments, so you can use one compartment for your own and the other compartment for those you received. It was rather reasonable price -- it was around $300 here (in Japan), so I assume it's much cheaper elsewhere. You can easily fit 10-15 on each side. HIGHLY recommended for functionality and simple, but elegant, design. :heart: [​IMG]

  6. tokyogirl

    Your card holder looks great! Love the color!
  7. thanks westiepup!!
  8. I called for the same exact thing. The Thill is $570, the little business card holder (that's just a slat) and holds about 10-15 cards is $230.

    I ended up getting a bracelet instead...
  9. Tokyo girl, I've got an exact one like yours. I enjoyed it very much!
  10. YAY! Don't you love it?! I also like it since it doesn't scream "hermes" so that I can comfortably use it in a business setting.
  11. Kellybag: thanks! i love baking too, but unfortunately i just moved house to an apartment with no oven! so haven't been baking for a while..

    LaVan and Tokyogirl: I love both your card cases! both colours look great:love:

    hmm the Thill is around double the price of the other one.. i guess i'll go to the shop to take a look.. i would love to have either one in a gold colour
  12. O.M.G..... I love this one, gave it as a gift... now I want one and it's sold out!:Push:
  13. avandome, I just got mine couple of weeks ago, so other stores must have it.....
  14. I have 3 different styles- one really slim one with an "H" cut out (holds around 10 business cards) for regular use, an envelop style for business trips (holds up to 50 business cards easily) and a small Bearn card holder for CCs etc.

    Hermes has quite a good selection of card holders and I am sure you will be able to find one that fits your needs at the shop :yes: