A tiny bit more info on the Limited Edition Magenta City

  1. Hi All,

    So I briefly spoke to an SA at BalNY about the Limited Edition Magenta city.

    Here is what she said (it was not Daphne or Kim):

    • It will be made with new leather
    • They are just re-introducing the color from previous dye lots

    • There are more Regular HW bags available then GH Gold or GH Silver, but she was unsure as to the exact count.

    • If you miss the pre-order date (Wed, May 16) and there are bags still available you can continue to order until they are sold out of the run.

    In other words, if they make 200 Regular HW bags and only get 75 pre-orders by May 16, the remaining 125 bags will be available for sale on a first-come first-serve basis until they are sold out.
  2. THANK YOU so much hmwe... for the informations :flowers:! Good to know - even I've ordered mine already ;)
  3. Thank you. I am new to balenciaga.. what do you mean by "new" leather?
  4. By new leather I mean 07 leather: there was some [hopeful] thinking that the Magenta cities would be made from the original 05 leather.
  5. Magenta was originally released in 2005, and some people were curious as to whether they would use both the dye lot AND the leather that was used in 2005. I guess the answer is they'll use the old dye but newly produced leather from this year. Makes sense to me. HTH!
  6. thanks for the report!
  7. Thanks for the explanation!
  8. So just to add to the confusion, I just spoke with Kim (she was a DOLL!!!) who said:

    200 Regular HW
    25 Giant Gold
    75 Giant Silver

    If you order now they will just charge your card immediately. She said they would ship late July/early August.

    I am going to go for it!! heart::heart::heart:
  9. thanx a lot, ladies~ what is the price for giant silver?
  10. $1595

  11. That's awesome, thanks for posting! That's so exciting that i'll be one of only 25 :yes:
  12. So now I've heard that Paris will also have them... I'll call Bal on Saturday and let you know the details. I'd call sooner but today and tomorrow it's a bank holiday here.
  13. I will be soooo annoyed if balparis are getting them as im in the uk so that would of saved me customs.... oh well!
  14. That is awesome!! A very unique bag!! Also, Kim said that the GH will have thicker leather :yes:

  15. Oo:huh:o That's wonderful news, i much prefer thick leather!:yahoo: