A timeline for me, perhaps?

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  1. Can someone give me some advice as to what I should set my sights on for my first Hermes? I have a standard salary that lets me afford nice things if I save for them. Let's say I can save 300-500 a month. Could someone estimate maybe a timeline for me for how long I would need to save for a kelly croc pochette? a birkin? a scarf? any other little goodies? What do I need to do to begin the process of acquiring one? Even if there aren't specific prices associated with what I'm asking for, a ballpark figure for each style would be MUCH appreciated. Or maybe where I could look to find out the pricing myself.:heart::heart::heart:
    THANK YOU!!!
  2. Your salary sounds similar to mine :smile: I started out smaller, though, with my first H bag being a Herbag, which is discontinued but retailed for around $2,000. Do you have an H store nearby? You'll need to start familiarizing yourself with it and keep in contact with an SA if you're wanting a Birkin or even a Croc Kelly Pochette. If you're planning on using a reputable reseller, you should check out some of the threads in the shopping forum about eBay sellers to familiarize yourself with them.

    Croc is expensive, there's no way around it, even for a smaller bag like a KP. Megs has a Kelly Longue in white that is beautiful, and it was around $4k as I recollect (new), but it's not croc. A croc KP, I think, will probably cost you more than, for example, a black 32CM HAC or Birkin in Togo or Swift leather. Birkins run around $7K. There is a "Current Hermes Pricing" thread in the Hermes Shopping subforum that should help you, as well.

    As far as scarves-- those go for about $320-$360 + or - depending on the style, and twillies and pocket squares are less (this is buying them all new, from the H website). You should be able to get one of those very soon! Good luck!
  3. A silk scarf cost about $350 these days so you could have your first one your first month! there are also a couple leather bracelets that are in the lower price range. And pochette (pocket scarves) are less, as are the adorable twillys.

    do you live near a store? if so, you should go in, see what sorts of things you like and look at prices. If not, you could do some research on Hermes.com.

    I think you should only buy things you're really excited about. Don't buy just with the idea of becoming a "preferred customer". Birkins are about $7K and alligator bags are probably about $20K, so you'd have to save for a long time...and they're hardly every day bags. I'd advise starting with something you love and will use.
  4. Don't forget there are some lovely vintage bags on eBay-- you could easily get a nice vintage Kelly 32cm (not croc though) for around $4k.

    I agree with audrey, definitely buy what you like. The best way is to go to the store, browse, and get in with an SA or two. :flowers:
  5. The evelyne is a nice bag, as is the picotin. They are less than 2500, even the largest ones. But if you are set on a kelly or birkin, I would try to save most of my money.
  6. I haven't seen a evelyne before, but I agree the Picotin is a great choice!!!

    I am definitely open to many things beyond the kelly or birkin. Love the brand in general and am a fan of their staying power.

    The only thing I am dead set on is owning a classic piece in a beautiful fabric! I have many 'everyday' bags so I said I wanted croc or another exotic skin to have something special.
  7. I've never made a post in the H forum but I am curious about this post. Did you decide on any items yet? Have you made your first purchase yet? If you have, congrats!
  8. 'A classic piece in a beautiful fabric' - excellent choice! But pretty much everything H does is a classic because they are made to last. You need to analyse your lifestyle ( including what lifestyle you are aiming for) to choose a bag that will work for you. I bought a backpack style Herbag when they were around because it was what I could afford and I need a bad I can sling across my shoulder or my back - that bag is still working hard for me 8 years on. If you need to keep your hands free then a Bolide or Kelly would be appropriate for you - both stand out marvels in handbag history! If you need soemthing roomier but like to hook over the crook of your elbow then you might as well place your order for a Birkin now - you'll be all saved by the time it arrives!
    The most important thing is to talk to an SA - in my experience they have a lot of sensible advice to give as they see so many bags pass through their hands and most of the ones worth their salt who have been with the company for a number of years own H bags themselves. If you're not known to a store go in and spend some time with the other goodies and get the conversation round to bags - arm yourself here with knowledge of leathers and colours but be patient - you'll win in the end.
  9. Don't overlook the Hermes classics! For example, barenia leather and vache natural are extremely classic and unique H leathers (and a LOT cheaper than croc or other "exotics"), the H saddle leathers steeped in tradition (and in the case of barenia, secret oils!). And then, of course, there's H box leather. Box in particular is very accessible via the vintage route, if you want to dip your toes in H more affordably and start with older, resale pieces. There are few things more classically H than a vintage box Kelly!

    I don't think you need to start at the $30k++ H price point to experience the brand, or have something truly special. By any measure, the quality of H leathers are "exotic" in the handbag world!

    (p.s. for my first non-vintage/re-sale boutique H purchase, I went with a potiron picotin in clemence... To me, that picotin is quintessentially H - no less classic or special than my other H pieces!)
  10. My saving sums are similar so no "i´ll just go and buy this and this bag" for me either, it´s savings or nothing. That´s why you should maybe start with a beautiful scarf? It would make you feel beautiful and it would give you a spark for saving. I would suggest with a bag, start with a used piece or maybe save 300d a year or two and get something new.
  11. well...

    scarves are just lets say $400 each
    croc pochettes are like 10k
    birkins 35cm are like 9k.

    so just take $10,000 divided by the amount you can save...lets say $500...that is 20 months...so a little under 2 years. if you save $500 a month and get new...not something on eBay or what not.

    but really think about what you want. since you have to save for it....don't just pick something less expensive...so you can have Hermes. really think think think about what you want.

    and once you pick it....found out the cost....and do the formula. If you want a 35cm NEW birkin....its going to be around $9,000 for non exotics...so $9,000 divided by $500 a month is 18 months...not including any price increases.

    most likely if you a birkin, kelly or a pouchette...its going to take you about 2 years/24 months to save for it....with $500 a month.

    does that help?
  12. I think I'd open a savings account...and try to put in your money each month. Say, it takes 24 months...after 12 I'd contact Hermes, and try to get yourself on a wait list. (My first bag...I waited about a year.) Good luck. It will go faster than you think. My only advise would be to get what you really want. And, don't be tempted to purchase something just because of the price.
  13. exactly....start saving and wait to buy something if its what you really want!
  14. I think saving is great, but do you want to deprive yourself of other pleasures such as vacations, dining out, clothes, shoes, makeup, etc?

    piaffe is right - buying vintage is wonderful for the beginning. When you make big money and dropping 10K won't hurt, then it's worth splurging on a new H bag. It is also a nice way to experiment what works for you. After all, just looking at photos of handbags will never tell you what your actual live action experiences with a certain style/color will be.

    I think no matter how impossible the Holy Grail may seem, it is still important to identify what you really want.