a ticklish affair

  1. :confused1: I have a problem, and I need a conseil: what do you think about the idea of hand-making changes in yor LV bag?
    (Obviously, with the 100% security of not damaging the bag).
    Have you never feel the sensation that with a little change your bag cuold become the perfect bag?
    I have an open bag, I want to use it everyday to go to work, but here in
    Italy there are a lot of thieves on busses... so I thought to put a zip to my bag.
    My friend said: Nooo! Then your bag would pass for a fake!!!:wtf:
    I know isn't a fake...but I have to agree with her; it's strange, because if I buy a designer's dress, I can fit it on me, make some changes... but with a bag it's different...:yes:
    I'm sure I will use it more... but something impede me to make it.
    I woul know your opinion...
    :heart: Stephanie.
  2. If you ever need to replace any of the leather on your bag in the future. LV will not honor your request because the bag has been tampered with. Just food for thought.
  3. I know, I was speaking about the possibility to make changes by myself not in boutique.
  4. hhmm... So your bag has no vachetta or any leather trim you might need LV to repair in the future? Guess you can do what you may with your bag.
  5. I don't think it's a good idea to make a "change" to your open bag. However, I would suggest putting a jacket or t-shirt on top of your items so that it's harder for a thief to grab something out of your open bag. Tuck the t-shirt around the items and maybe also put a book/magazine on top of it. But you're right because sometimes I'll buy an LV bag and wish that it was made in a different way - there can always be some improvements!
  6. I wouldn't do it. If the bag you have now doesn't have the features you want, either sell it or save up for a different bag that has the features you're missing
  7. Also only adding a zip-closure?:graucho: :sneaky: :shame:
  8. i dont think its a big deal but i know lv wont touch it if it ever needed to be repaired in the future.
  9. hmnmm don't think it's a good idea. not sure how you would able to easily sew on the zipper without damaging the bag and if anything goes wrong LV will not help you. it's not a good idea. Clutch the bag close to you or maybe put a drawstring bag inside your open top bag so that everything goes into the drawstring bag. in that way, it's still secure without tampering with the LV bag. just my thought...
  10. Not a good idea..LV won't fix your bag someday when they see any alteration on the bag from non LV.
  11. I have wondered about that myself, because there are a few LV tote bags that I would love to buy but they are open on the top!! (Esp. the Damier Uzes) I find that so frustrating- why no zipper, or at least a tight closure? Where I live I take the subway every day and I would be too afraid of someone robbing me. I think that the others are right though, it probably isn't a good idea to change it.
  12. Agree in that it's not a good idea; mainly in that say it ever need repairs that you can't do..LV will not repair for you. And quite frankly I would think that it would affect the appearance; that even tho you know it's not fake it may come across that way...how could you possibly add a zipper and it look as tho it came that way from LV .?. Agree with another poster, if you're that unhappy with it then sell it or save for one that better suits your taste/needs ??
  13. if something happenes with your bag they won't repair it. My SA told me that even if you make a extra hole in your belt that they won't do enything about it!!!
    And I would not like it when people think it is fake
  14. I agree with everyone else I don't think this is a good idea also don't think it would be that easy the bag has been designed and finished to be an open top bag so it would be quite difficult to add a zip to it
  15. As long as you are sure you won't need to be taking it in to be repaired years down the road (and who can be sure of that) then go for it.